Libra: a set-up to destroy crypto?

By Anonymeros | Breaking Crypto News | 12 Jul 2019

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As most of you know, Facebook is planning to release the new crypto coin Libra. Many things have been written about this project, but one thing all writers forgot to ask themselves: Is Libra a set-up to hinder and destroy the crypto market?


You don't have to believe in fairy tales and conspiracies to understand the fact that governments (deep state as well as the "normal" governments) want to control the flow of money. Every government has its own fiat money: the dollar, the euro, the pound, and so on. As long as the government has power over the money, they have power over the people. Right?

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have become an unstoppable danger to the power of the government, whether it's the deep state or the "normal" government. The global crypto market is unstoppable and growing day by day. 

A hidden agenda?

No, I don't want to speak bad about Libra. If it turns out that Libra will do the crypto market good, then I am very happy with the new coin. Every good crypto coin is welcome! But here is my question to you, dear reader: 

What if Libra is a set-up to hinder and destroy Bitcoin and the global crypto market?

Many governments are setting up problems to create solutions. Their secret Services create - for example - evil lies about another country or a national leader, to justify a war or sanctions against that country. These are facts. This is how it works, my friend. Everywhere secret Services spread lies and create problems, so that their governments can push their agenda through. Now let's go back to Libra. What if Libra is a such a set-up? We all know that most governments want to hinder crypto to protect their fiat money and banking systems, right? So what if they (the deep state or any kind of secret Service) created the next agenda:


Agenda: How to destroy the growth of Bitcoin and crypto to protect the dollar and the banking system?

1. Create a big new crypto coin - bigger than Bitcoin - that will be a huge competitor for the dollar, euro and other fiat.

2. Tell the people that this new coin is bad because of privacy problems, money laundering and all kinds of other reasons.

3. Regulate, hinder or stop the coin. But not only this new coin...: hinder or stop the whole bitcoin and crypto market too. Tell the people that Libra and all other crypto coins are a real danger and must be regulated or banned. 

Conclusion: By means of creating a problem (the new coin that takes away too much power from fiat money and banking systems), they can create a "solution": regulate, hinder or ban the whole crypto market.

You think I'm crazy? Time will tell... and I hope I am wrong :) But understand: through (making a problem of) Libra, governments have a huge "instrument" to regulate or even hinder the whole crypto market. I believe you will see more and more governments and leaders spread negative news about Libra and Crypto. 

Can it be that Libra is the instrument to finally destroy the crypto market? If so, be prepared to see times are changing for the crypto market.

Another possibility

By the way, there's another possibility: maybe Libra is a good project and not a set-up. I really hope so. We just don't know. But still governments will see a big danger in Libra: the danger of losing power over their money system. That's why they will speak against Libra. So if Libra is not a set-up, it will still be a big problem for the crypto market, because Libra will be identified with all other crypto coins. And if one will be hindered or banned, the other will be hindered or banned too...


What do you think? Share your opinion.



Note: This article is just an opinion, not an assault to any specific government or Libra/Facebook.
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