Goodbye Fake Reviews... Introducing the Bravo Beacon! Proof-of-Location Device for Our Steem Fork!

By BravoCoin | BravoCoin | 10 Sep 2019

Ask any business owner what they think of current popular review platforms and you will get an overwhelmingly similar response... distrust, skepticism, and displeasure with rampant fake reviews.

Fake reviews hurt legit business owners, consumers, and the review platform itself. A recent Harvard Business School study found that a 1 star reduction in your Yelp rating resulted in an almost 10% reduction in overall revenue... 10% for just 1 star! Other studies peg it as high as 13%!

I know as a consumer myself, anything less than 4 stars is pretty much the cut off for me, and those ratings can be severely compromised and influenced on centralized review platforms. Unfortunately there wasn't a better way... until now!

Goodbye fake reviews... Introducing the Bravo Beacon!

Fraudulent reviews are a real problem and we feel one of many steps to take in eliminating them is to implement a solid proof-of-location algorithm.

To accomplish this we have created a custom unique hardware "beacon" device that interfaces with both our BravoCoin dApp and blockchain!

We will be giving these Bravo Beacon devices to businesses that sign up for our premium profile packages. It will allow them to offer "verified check-ins" and "verified reviews". We know these reviews and check-ins are verified within the dApp as we will detect the presence of the Bravo Beacon.

If your phone is within proximity of the beacon at the business, we will mark you as verified. Simple as that. Now any review you write for this business afterwards, even if you aren't within proximity of the beacon anymore, will still be marked as verified as we have previously identified your verification status.

To make this technology even more fun and engaging, we have added a social gamification aspect to it. Now businesses can actually "drop" coins onto their Bravo Beacon, and only allow for pickup of these coins by verified customers. It's like Pokemon Go, but for crypto! We call it Bravo Drop Zones!

Check out this live video demo of a verified check-in in realtime!

This is how we will encourage businesses to use, accept and adopt BRAVO, as well as giving it away to attract new and existing customers via social gamification.

Happy Reviewing!

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