The Plan Is To Withdraw The Publish0x $OP To The Toobit Exchange

By B18 | B18CCS | 29 Dec 2023

We had been storing our $SPOT on Publish0x, hoping one day that Publish0x would be replace $SPOT as a tipping token at some point.

In the past Publish0x had always swapped any balance over to the new tipping token.  So it was reasonable to expect the same would happen with the $SPOT balance. 

It was a double bonus when Publish0x announced they were replacing both $SPOT and $AMPL with $OP.

What To Do With $OP?

Disclaimer: As a rule we only collect a few tokens for the Grandson's portfolio, simply for ease of management. So small amounts are considered crypto dust and need to be vacuumed up and converted into a token he is collecting.

$ETH is not a problem as it goes straight to the Grandsons Ledger Nano.

$OP on the other hand is crypto dust.

Toobit To The Rescue

We came across the Toobit Exchange in one of those @Publish0xPR posts.

Note: The @Publish0xPR blog is a form of paid advertising or as the blog says “Paid Press Releases” or “Sponsored posts and interviews”.


The Comprehensive Review Of 5 Best Crypto Exchanges Of 2023 Has Been Unveiled

This was not a comprehensive review, at best it was a very poor review of 5 random Crypto Exchanges.

  • lead image was for Toobit exchange
  • Toobit review was written in the first person. The other 4 reviews were in the 3rd person.
  • Toobit was the only exchange where KYC was not mandatory
  •  Coinbase and Binance get a honorary mention at #1 and #2 spot. While Bitget and Bybit came in at #4 and #5 spot. At the time had never heard of Bitget and Bybit. But then had never heard of FTX either.
  • Liked the sound of Toobit, so decided to write our own review. Can’t have enough non KYC exchanges available.

More Disclaimers:

  • Our posts title was taking a dig at Toobit’s cheek at calling theirs a comprehensive review.
  • Down Under we call it “Taking the Piss”. In fact it is the national sport.
  • Thunderbirds was chosen as the lead image because grew up with “Thunderbirds are Go!!!”
  • We don’t as a rule like those disclaimers people put at the end of their posts. Like who is going to sue some random for shilling $BONK on Publish0x. So this is another example of “Taking the Piss” out all those people (m0r0n5) who use the full financial disclosure BS at the end of their posts. FFS there are even the occassional double m0r0n who feel the need to put it at the beginning of their posts.


A Non-Comprehensive Review Of The Comprehensive Toobit Exchange Review

Thunderbirds Are Go


  •  no KYC required for a basic account
  • deposits in ERC20, BEP20, TRC20, ARBITRIUM and OP

We had some ETH (BEP20) crypto dust that had been slowly accumulating, like dust does if you leave it undisturbed.

Since we wrote the non-comprehensive review our pile of $OP has grown


in 4 months to


Thats a 3x bagger.

The Plan

Let the $OP continue to grow until we are ready. At the moment we have the $ETH (BEP20) sitting in $USDT on Toobit. There is a possibility we might also have some TRC20 from a couple faucets, that could be ready for emptying. 

Imagine we may only get to use Toobit once, so no point pulling the trigger too early.

We have a number of withdrawal options

  • Bitcoin would be nice but it would need to be a good chunk to justify the fees (10x the mining fees) and make the input large enough not to affect future transaction fees (the UTXO dilema)
  • $ATOM as has relatively low fees and Grandson needs more
  • use $LTC, $BCH or $ZEC as intermediary token, accumulate on Ledger Nano and use the Ledger Nano exchange function to swap to our desired token or Bitcoin. We already have a pile of $ZEC sitting on the Ledger Nano from the PipeFlare and Globalhive faucet commissions and rewards.


What could possibly go wrong?

Toolbit could do what Binance, Bitfinex and Kucoin have done and go all KYC on us.

We are heading into a full on raging bull run, where even FTX, Celsius, 3AC, Blockfi, Voyager Digital, Genesis, Babel Finance, Hodlnaut, Zipmex and Core Scientific could stay afloat. 🤞🙏

The End





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