The Never Ending Fight Against Spam on Publish0x

By B18 | B18CCS | 24 Jun 2021

The spammers and scammers on Publish0x are relentless. They never seem to give up.

I don't know it is just a coincidence or not but I have noticed an uptrend in spam in the post comments lately.

Renting Vs. Buying - Home Ownership by Scott Cunningham


While commenting on @ScottCunningham post about the pros and cons of home ownership vs. renting. I noticed a comment that seemed to have no relevance to the post.


Checking @[email protected] profile I saw that the same comment had been made in 12 other posts today.


So that suggests it is spam.

If you suspect a comment is spam or a scam then there is a report option at bottom of the comments. Below is an example. Then it is up to Publish0x to determine whether it is spam or not.


If the Publish0x community wants to keep spam off their blogging platform then we all need to do our bit. 

By the time you read this the chances are the Publish0x capped crusaders will have already deleted all the comments from the posts.


The End


Quick Update June 28

The spammer is back with a new account.


Quick search of Works68.COM takes you to Wading through all the bullshit it turns out it is a paid training program dressed up to look like a ponzi scheme.




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