Peer To Beer Energy Trading Initiative

By Bragato18 | B18CCS | 24 May 2021

No it is not a typo. Peer to Beer is a real thing. 

Carlton United Breweries, home of the iconic VB beer (Victoria Bitter), is rolling out a new form of power trading with their customers, which is sustainable and cost effective. 

The Birthday Celebration

Recently received a notification from Power Ledger that it was their 5th birthday.


Now to just survive 5 years in the cryptoverse is a remarkable achievement in itself.

When Power Ledger first started, solar power was just starting to become cheaper than fossil fuel energy.

Included in the notification was the invite to have a celebratory VB beer.


Note In Australia beer is drunk ice cold and rarely touches the sides.

Peer2Beer Energy Trading

Power Ledger has partnered with Carlton & United Breweries and created the VB Solar Exchange. It allows households to trade their excess rooftop solar power for beer.


Power Ledger’s energy trading technology is powering the VB Solar Exchange program by enabling customers to track and trade their excess rooftop solar energy for VB beer.

Carlton United Brewery will buy the excess solar energy from residential customers in exchange for beer. Giving them up to double the value they would get from the usual feed-in tariff.

Power Ledger's technology tracks the kilowatt-hours and provides the accounting summary for when beer is due for delivery.

The program is being rolled out on the east coast of Australia with a major advertising campaign to let people know about it.

A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer.  And quite a lot of electricity too.Which is where Power Ledger comes in.  Peter Filipovic Carlton & United Breweries CEO



Loyalty P2P (xGrid)


Power Ledger are pioneering the Loyalty P2P program with Carlton United Breweries using their flagship xGrid blockchain enabled energy tracking and trading platform.

Loyalty P2P is a way that consumer brands can buy electricity from their own customers in return for goods and services. The Loyalty P2P program will create positive brand engagement and lets their customers know the brand is serious about sustainability.

Power Ledger Platforms


renewable energy trading across the grid or behind the meter


buildings to trade energy between themselves


marketplace for the new energy system


digital marketplace and exchange for carbon and renewal energy credits

PPA Exchange

reverse auction marketplace for trading Power Purchase Agreements

PPA Vision

data management and settlement system for energy asset owners and operators


gives customers greater choice and visibility over their energy's source

POWR (Power Ledger) Tokenomics

  • ICO 2017 raised $34 million
  • native token POWR
  • Market Cap Rank #290
  • available supply 429,712,891
  • total supply 1,000,000,000
  • ERC20 token
  • all-time high $2.40 AUD 2018, January 07

The End




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