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Ledger Nano Handy Hints - What I Have Learned

By B18 | B18CCS | 19 Apr 2021

There is nothing worse than that initial feeling of dread, when you realise that your crypto may have disappeared into the great ether. Never to be seen again. 

Stay Calm 


It is not the first time something like this has happened and we have always been able to recover the missing crypto. 

But despite that, the first reaction is to panic. Luckily it is only a fleeting moment.

The Back Story

All our free crypto from the various sources gets sent to the great clearing house Binance. 

  • daily faucet micropayments
  • bi-weekly commission from PipeFlare
  • tips from
  • random rewards from Rusty the Bot of fame
  • tips from Pb0x etc

Depending on the amount we either use:

  • the Dust Converter to get BNB, which is used to pay transaction fees. If the BNB builds up then it is used to buy BTC.
  • or we trade directly for more BTC

The BTC is then used to trade for a couple of altcoins that we are currently collecting. At the moment it is

  • DOT
  • BAND
  • THETA and

While we are waiting to accumulate enough of each altcoin, we put a high Sell Order in place just in case.

Eventually we reach a point were we need to empty the Binance accounts and send to long term storage on the Ledger Nano. We don't like to HODL larger amounts on an exchange. But we are also aware of the excessive transaction fees Binance charge, so try to strike a balance.

We had been collecting on Binance:

  • LINK
  • ATOM and
  • XTZ

It was while we were transferring the LINK, ATOM and XTZ to the Ledger Nano, setting up accounts and staking. That we realised that the Dash balance was showing $nil and there was no transaction history.


Don't Panic

First thing was to go through our records and establish when and how much had been deposited over a period of a couple of years. That was easy enough, as we keep good records.

Once had collated the information went to   and created a support ticket. Needed to give a brief description of the issue and attached documents, screenshots etc. The most important was the Ledger Live Logs.

You obtain the Ledger Live Logs by opening the Ledger Live app. Go to Settings > Help > Save Logs


Once you have saved the Ledger Live Logs you attach the document and submit the support ticket. 

Ledger Support Response

April 03  - receive a confirmation email with your support ticket #

April 12 - another auto email with

  • lots of links to useless information
  • apology for delay in responding
  • warning not to share 24 word recovery phrase with anyone
  • they don't provide phone support and beware of fake phone numbers
  • they appreciate our patience and understanding

But the most important piece of information was tucked down the bottom


So we replied with a brief message

thanks but none of that info  helped with our lost Dash

to the email to avoid getting the ticket automatically marked as resolved.

It is worth noting that in our dealings with Coinbase and Binance that they just close your support tickets with out any warning. Forcing you to start all over again from the very beginning. Very frustrating.

April 15 - receive the fix




  • go to Settings > Experimental Features and enable the Experimental Features API


  • go to Settings > Help > Clear Cache to re-synchronize the accounts


And like magic the Dash balance and transaction history is restored.


There we go, didn't realise that was a William Shakespeare play.

What I Have Learned

  • stay calm and don't panic (and do something stupid you will regret)
  • these moments are there to test you and are all part of the learning curve
  • you come away with a broader and deeper knowledge of all things crypto

The End




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