Julian The Cypherpunk Is A Free Bird

By B18 | B18CCS | 25 Jun 2024

News Flash: This morning in my twitter feed, was the news that Julian Assange was released on bail and immediately flew the coop. Thought it was fake to start with but on checking there was photos of the man boarding a plane.

Amazing that after spending 1901 days in Belmarsh maximum security prison, he was granted by the High Court in London and was released at Stansted airport. Where he boarded a plane and left the UK.

Even more amazing was Julian wasn't imprisoned for his own crimes but for exposing the crimes of others.


The Bad News

Will leave this one up to the @RobertKennedyJr tweet to explain:

"Julian Assange struck a plea deal and will go free! I am overjoyed. He's a generational hero.

The bad news is that he had to plea guilty to conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defense info. Which means the US security state succeeded in criminalizing journalism and extending their jurisdiction globally to non-citizens.

Julian had to take this. He has heart problems and he would have died in prison. But the security state has imposed a horrifying precedent and dealt a big blow to freedom of the press."

The Good News

Julian can spend his remaining time with his wife Stella and two children. 

The Back Story

  • born Townsville, Queensland on 3rd July 1971
  • became involved in the hacker community and in 1996 was convicted for hacking
  • founded Wikileaks
  • was editor-in-chief when Wikileaks published in 2010, a series of leaks from US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. These included footage of a US airstrike in Baghdad, US military logs from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and US diplomatic cables
  • Julian won multiple awards for publishing and journalism
  • November 2010 Sweden issued a European arrest warrant for allegations of sexual assault
  • after losing his appeal against the warrant June 2012, Julian took refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London
  • granted asylum by Ecuador in August 2012
  • he stood for the Australian Senate in 2013
  • Swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation in 2019
  • on 11th April 2019 Julians asylum was withdrawn by Ecuador
  • he was found guilty of breaching bail and sentence to 50 weeks in prison
  • US government unsealed indictments charging Julian with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and alleging he had conspired with hackers
  • incarcerated in Her Majesties Prison Belmarsh from April 2019 to June 2024






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