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By B18 | B18CCS | 9 Feb 2024

This is purely a Publish0x community notice.

Beware: This site is run by the devs.


There is no referral program (thats a damn shame).

You need a minimum of 0.000890088 SOL to be able to claim from


There are links to other earning opportunities but we have not taken it any further. 


You can claim daily.


Good luck!!!


Update Feb 13 2024

These have been added in answer to a comment posted.


These screenshots are from


They match what is showing in the grandsons wallet.


Support Your Local Bloggers Grandson Stacking Sats

Tip, like, follow and use the referral links below, as all the crypto dust goes to supporting and helping our 5 year old Grandson become a future OG.



Earn sats, Reward Points and Lottery Tickets every hour with the longest running Bitcoin faucet. Use the reward points for  1000% 500% 100% and 50% BTC bonuses, Wheel of Fortune tickets and more Lottery Tickets. Get daily compound interest on BTC deposits.


Earn coins from hourly faucet roll, games, surveys, watch PTC ads, multipliers, earn interest etc. Minimum withdrawal 50,000 coins direct to your Bitcoin wallet ($5 BTC). Or redeem coins direct to your DOGE, DASH or LTC wallets (minimum $3).


Putting the Funn back into faucets with their unusual promo codes. Become a Promo Code Hunter. Earn more BTC with games, betting, wagers, tasks. 50% referral commission.


Receive $10 bitcoin when you buy a Ledger Nano using this link



Earn 0.00001 SOL per day, instantly paid to your Solana address. All new addresses must maintain the minimum rent-exempt balance of 0.00089088 SOL to be able to claim from the faucet.  No referral program. Is supported in part by the Shinobi Systems validator.


Earn roughly 0.00000250 SOL every 6 minutes, . Minimum withdrawal direct to your wallet is 0.000010000 SOL. Referral program pays 25% commission. Takes a bit of getting used to the pop-ups



Earn free coins every 20 minutes and withdraw as Solana (minimum 4000 coins/0.00001800 SOL). Earn more coins with PTC, offer-walls, level up rewards. Earn 20% commission on referrals. Site's business model is similar to Cointiply.


Zcash (ZEC)


Claim ZEC every 24 hours from Global Hive. Earn commissions on 4 tiers of referrals (10%, 5%, 3% and 2%)


Claim ZEC from the PipeFlare Play-2-Earn Gaming Site. Earn commissions on 4 tiers of referrals(25%, 15%, 10% and 5%). Plus claim free 1FLR (native token) 2FLR and MATIC


$$$ In Your Bank


This survey site pays about $9/hr AUD to complete their surveys. Paid to your UK, US, NZ or Ozzy bank account. Max withdrawal is $70 AUD per 60 days. Pays to create a profile with good demographics e.g. female in 30's with 1x 5 year old child. Use your birthday but just change the year. Don't forget to adjust your age each birthday. Best part is they also pay 10 cents not to complete a survey. 10 per day = $1 * 60 days = $60. Lot more time efficient to not complete the surveys. Also has Gift Card and Hoyts movie ticket options. But cash is King here, send to Kenya to buy XMR.

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