#AllTheCoolKidsHaveLaserEyes Is Back

By B18 | B18CCS | 29 Feb 2024

Remember when everyone had Laser Eyes. Bitcoin was on it's way to that magic number, $100,000 USD. #AllTheCoolKidsHaveLaserEyes reached peak trending in 2021 if the memory is working properly.

Well woke this morning to the news Bitcoin had "crashed" during the night.

On checking Coingecko, found out that Bitcoin actually had made a new ATH of $97,300 AUD, in the early hours of this morning.


Apparently Bitcoin had made new ATHs in a number of countries including Japan. All the countries had a weaker currency than the USD. Which probably helps explain why only the so called "crash" made the news and not the preceding run up. A similar thing happened in 2021 with the BTC-AUD, a new ATH was breached a couple of weeks too early. Only to go on to an even higher high, when the BTC-USD finally caught up with the rest of the Bitcoin world.


The Backstory Part One

Yesterday my wife and I decided to go for a late evening walk to the beach promenade. We made sure we had some thing to eat before we left, so we wouldn't be tempted by our favourite eateries. Peters by the Sea (since 1952), personal favourite or Grill'd.

The walk is a great opportunity to discuss things that you wouldn't normally get a chance to. As you have a relaxed and captive audience. 

If at home, it is a general rule if I start talking crypto, it takes about 10 minutes to put my dear wife to sleep.

So I took the chance to update my wife on the state of the play. The big news of course being the NEW9 and how it has bought our plans forward by 6-12 months. And just a wee reminder (warning) that once Bitcoin breaches the 2021 All Time High, things may get a little crazy. Like real crazy.

Also reiterate that the intention is we hopefully never have to sell our Bitcoin. That required a quick expose of inflation debasing the Australian dollar and Bitcoin as hard money. Now she is well aware of the effects of inflation on the household budget, so that was an easy sell.

What surprised me was her suggestion to take some cash out of her Superannuation Fund, so we can can buy some more Bitcoin and then sell it for a profit. FOMO is a wonderful drug.

I misinterpreted this as not understanding "never have to sell our Bitcoin" part of my speech.

"Babae, Crypto is Bitcoin and Bitcoin is Crypto to me."

Yes she was listening after all.

Our Crypto journey has come so far.

In fact my 1st Publish0x was about my wife and crypto.


Turning a Crypto Skeptic Wife into a Crypto Advocate

At the time the post had generated 1 cent in tips and a handful of views. Four years later.....


The Backstory Part Two

Other than my daily Publish0x fix and faucets, the other daily connection to the crypto world is the BTC and ETH price alerts. We will ignore ETH for this story, as I just never got around to deleting them.

As for Bitcoins price alerts, they are set at $2,500 increments. Too close together and you get bombarded with notifications. Don't need any more spam in my life. $2,500 increments works nicely, you get a few notifications as it bounces around your alert setting for a day or two, then nothing for a week or two. If things start to move then a couple of alerts will get triggered. Time to pay attention.

After my talk with my wife last night, I realised lately we had been getting only ETH alerts. 

Turned out the Bitcoin price alerts had no been updated for awhile and the top price alert was set at $80,000 AUD.

That was an easy fix the next morning. Increased the increments to $5,000 AUD after $100,000.

The point being the run up and "crash" did not generate any alerts.


Now Back To The Future

Then today I was in a hospital waiting room. Waiting to get some over due repairs and maintenance done on the body.

Things tend to get put off, when you are working and trying to have a life.

So have got a few months off work during the heat of summer, to get some of these things done. (Part of that includes tidying up the crypto).

You get a lot of time to think when you are waiting in a hospital waiting room. 

With little warning due to the price alerts stopping, it came as a surprise cum shock the news this morning. Especially the timing only a few hours after discussing the very same thing with my wife at the beach.

So started to punch out a post while waiting in the waiting room.

Tonight we again went for a walk down to the beach, it is still summer here. This time to the Sunset Markets to pick up a couple of growlers of Artisan Kombucha and dance to our favourite DJ. Took the chance to update the wife that it happened only a few hours later after talking about it. And that I was writing another story about her and crypto.






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