A Non-Comprehensive Review Of The Comprehensive Toobit Exchange Review

By B18 | B18CCS | 29 Aug 2023

@Publish0x-PRs recently posted a sponsored article pretending to be a comprehensive review of the 5 best crypto exchanges. It appeared to be sponsored by Toobit exchange, as the Toobit exchange review was written in the first person. The other 4 reviews were in the 3rd person.

But what got me was it was the only one of the 5 crypto exchanges reviewed that did not require KYC. Marketing 101, but it worked.

The Comprehensive Review Of 5 Best Crypto Exchanges Of 2023 Has Been Unveiled


And the lead image was a clue too.


With no KYC, Toobit was worth a test run.

Downloaded the Toobit app.

First thing I noticed was they offered token deposits in 

  • ERC20
  • BEP20
  • TRC20
  • ARBITRIUM and OP (both suspended)

That immediately solved a small problem for us. The @cryptofaucets had changed some of their site payouts to the BEP20 network. And we had been searching for about a year for an easy simple and cheap way to cash them out. 

When we found out @cryptofaucets had changed the $ETH and $LINK sites to BEP20 network, we just stopped playing.

But our referrals keeping plugging away and the amount just kept abreast of the changing minimum withdrawal. Was 0.002 $ETH and now 0.005 $ETH but we have 0.006 $ETH. Bingo instant transfer to Toobit exchange. Swap for USDT. Quickly before anything changes.


$SPOT, $AMPL and the $OP Dilemma

The dilemma of what to do with the $SPOT and $AMPL tips has recently been solved with the introduction of $OP tips. We will start with $10 of $OP. But what to do with the $OP?

Toobit exchange accepts $OP deposits. Boom Boom!!!


Toobit Rewards

Earn $10 USDT. $5 USDT for creating an account and $5 for depositing minimum $10 USDT worth tokens.



More FREE money.


  • Invite friends to sign up for a Toobit account through a referral code/link/ QR code
  • The invitee makes a spot or futures trade and 40% of the commission will be credited to the inviter's account after the trade is completed
  • The commission rewards will be issued to the invitee's account the day after the trade is completed (T+1) . You can check the commission details through [Assets] - enter the spot/contract account and check for [Financial Record].

Assuming one will receive USDT as your reward. The money launders and criminals choice of stablecoin.


Only ERC-20


Thats a bummer.


At first glance on the Toobit Home Page there was no visible withdrawal option, only deposits.

  • go to Assets (bottom right hand corner of Home Page)
  • click Spot Account

 Before you can withdraw you need two verifications.


 Note: We use a dummy email that did not require mobile verification. A number of emails were setup a few years ago using a bogus date of birth. They come in handy for getting free clean crypto.

To withdraw USDT you have 3 choices

  • ERC20, min 16.58628 USDT, fee 6.59436 USDT
  • TRC20, min 16.528 USDT, fee 1.528 USDT
  • BEP20, min 10.34864 USDT, fee 0.34868 USDT

As a general rule we have found exchanges charge approximately 10x the network fee.


Thunderbirds are Go!!!


Will kept you posted.

The End




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