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Bought our 1st pieces of BTC, July 2017. The process was daunting and confusing. Could easily given up & put it in the too hard basket or have fallen victim to one of the many scams or pitfalls. Grateful to a friend of my son's, who had been in this space for awhile, giving me some good advice & steering me in the right direction. That experience has helped shape my desire to share what I learn. Also always had a morbid fascination with Snake Oil Salesman & their sales pitch; Bitconnect, USI Tech..

A Poem from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying - Sogyal Rinoche

8 Mar 2020 1 minute read 8 comments Bragato18

A good friend introduced me to this poem many moons ago. The poem was able to articulate something that was formulating, bubbling away at the time. It was one of those threshold moments that can change your life's direction. It has been a big part of...

Have You Read the (BAT) Basic Attention Token White Paper?

8 Mar 2020 4 minute read 1 comment Bragato18

While I was doing some research for a previous post of mine.  BAT, Mass Adoption and Related Matters - An Open Discussion  I stumbled across across the  Basic Attention Token (BAT) White Paper . I found it interesting going to the source and it helpe...

XRP, Mass Adoption, Market Value and Other Related Matters - An Open Discussion.

4 Mar 2020 5 minute read 0 comments Bragato18

While I first became aware of Ripple Labs in September 2015, through a technology investment newsletter I was subscribing to at the time, even going as far as referencing them in my notebook. That is the old school pen and paper sort of notebook. Ri...

BAT, Mass Adoption and Related Matters - An Open Discussion

2 Mar 2020 5 minute read 27 comments Bragato18

I was searching Publish0x for something new to read. Quick update on BAT caught my eye. Can never read enough about BAT, Brave Rewards and the Brave Browser. It was posted by AlexRypto under the Cryptocurrency trading tricks and tips blog. While I wo...

ShapeShift 10 ETH Giveaway - Phishing Scam or Not

1 Mar 2020 2 minute read 2 comments Bragato18

How a phishing crypto scam works. Offering free tokens (the bait) for little or no effort (the hook). At some point they will want you to provide your private keys to verify your new account or claim some prize. Earlier versions would ask you to send...

Have You Had Issues with the Brave Browser Auto-Contribute Bug?

29 Feb 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Bragato18

Note this is not related to the Coronavirus. Have you been using the Brave Browser and have had Auto-Contribute turned off but Brave has still sent BAT from your Uphold Wallet.      While on the Bat Community Forum I found an old thread from Novembe...

Brave Browser Rewards - 3 Quick Tips - Updated Mar 01

29 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Bragato18

#1 One needs to check auto-contribute is turned off on all devices, if you don't want to be accidentally tipping random publishers by mistake. Save it for your favourite publishers. At the start I was manually disabling each website on each device....

FAQ Why Am I Not receiving BAT from Brave Sponsored Images. Mystery Partly Solved. Updated Mar 01

29 Feb 2020 3 minute read 4 comments Bragato18

While articles on Brave Browsers Sponsored Images are very popular at the moment. There are a lot questions being asked in the Comments as to why they are not getting paid BAT from Sponsored Images.  With a few basic assumptions made for arguments sa...

What Does DYOR Really Mean - Guide For Beginners

27 Feb 2020 5 minute read 0 comments Bragato18

You see it written all over the internet, especially when discussing the subjects of investing and cryptocurrencies. Somewhere in there the publisher or advisor will put the DYOR acronym. It is a "Mother Generic" term that really doesn't tell you tha...

Be Warned : Do Not Try this on Brave Browser - UpDated Feb 26

26 Feb 2020 2 minute read 8 comments Bragato18

I like poking and prodding things to see how they work. Sometimes it gets me into a bit of trouble. I had been having trouble updating Brave Browser from v1.2.1 to v1.3.111 on laptop. Wanted to get Sponsored Images. Brave Browser was working fine on...