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Where Do People Get All Those Publish0x Stats From? - What I Have Learned

By B18 | B18 | 12 May 2020

There has been a lot of discussion lately about Publish0x Tipping. Especially since the introduction of LRC tokens to the Tipping Pool and the subsequent drop in BAT tips. There have been numerous articles written on the subject and loads of comments with a wide variety of thoughts and views . 

I even entered the fray with a couple of my own posts:

Are BAT tips on Publish0x back - An Open Discussion (Update May 01)

Publish0x Publish Their Weekly Stats

@ScreenTag commented on one of the posts 12 days ago:

You are getting too excited. About 50% is still paid in LRC, 25% in BAT, and another 25% in DAI. What has changed is the overall tip value (dropped by 40% compared to end of March)

My reply  @Bragato18 :


Thanks for your feedback.

It looks like you might be right about getting too excited. I stopped posting 3 weeks ago and only started again 5 days ago, on the 25th. Looking at what the 4 latest posts had received. It was LRC 49-56%, DAI 22-31% and BAT 19-28%. Which matches your figures. I don’t have any figures to compare with for the other 3 weeks.

I was only looking at my tipping and the frequency of BAT tips appeared to have increased. Plus I got the big one which I hadn’t had since March.

My original observation was based on 3 days of tipping. I had noticed that the first tip of the day was 0.1473 to 0.1557 total BAT, larger the usual 0.0350 to 0.0380 total BAT. Also it seemed the number of BAT tips per day had increased from 0-1 to 2 per day.

The Unresolved Question

How did  @ScreenTag  know that:


What had changed was the overall tip value (dropped by 40% compared to end of March)

  • had he kept daily records of the tips.
  • had he read it somewhere else and was repeating it. 
  • did Publish0x have a communication channel other than their Twitter account and the occasional  Igor Tomić  Publish0x post.

A few days later  @ScreenTag posted on May 10:


Most tipped articles on Publish0x

The post was full of facts and figures but the post starts with the statements:

With average earnings per tip dropping by some 40%, compared to end of March, we have some updated statistics on that.


All data taken from the official Publish0x statistics.

Now I am real curious and just had to ask the question in comments.


Interesting article, thanks for that. You mentioned at the start that all data was taken from the Official Publish0x Stats. Where do you find that? Can you add link to the resources. Had read some where else that tips had dropped in value by 40% and wondered how they knew that. Cheers

And the reply was:


You can read how we know that here:

Publish0x stats are updated live, and you can get them here: (actually, this link is always available at the bottom menu)


Publish0x: Numbers are telling a disturbing truth was posted on 28th April.

This post really was full of facts and figures. It was not painting a happy picture.

The link  was in the resources, hence why I missed it first time round.

What I Have Learned

If you go to the bottom of any Publish0x page there is a black banner displaying a menu

  • How It Works
  • FAQ
  • Ambassador Program 
  • Terms
  • Privacy
  • Stats


D"OH, am I the only one that didn't know that?


Click on the Stats link and it magically takes you to Statistic Heaven.

The first section contains a basic Summary with the Monthly Report and the Lifetime Report.

Monthly Summary

Lifetime Report

  • 96,673 Registered Users
  • 7,208 Blogs Created and 56,421 Blogposts Written
  • 3,362,055 Tips Given, Worth $53,751.19

Next there is the 4 pretty colourful charts/graphs:

User Growth


$$ Value of DAI BAT LRC Tips


Tips Generated


Posts Created


A Conclusão.

If you are that way inclined, like staring at charts, crunching numbers, playing with statistics and generally having a good time. Knock your self out.

Feel free to post comments, always interested in your feedback. As a publisher I appreciate some one taking the time to post comments. It's a great way to learn new things. 

Or even a thumbs up if you enjoyed your read.

Stay Safe

(Please no more Homer Simpson jokes. There is only one Homer Simpson joke allowed per post. It is stated in the Publish0x Terms. It is true, honestly, would I lie to you)

Update May 13


I forgot to mention the Filter  drop-down menu. I did actually know about it but didn't realise it also changed the Reports Summary. D'OH!!!

You can select the following Filter options:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

The Summary on the left changes to what is selected and the pretty coloured charts change their data points as well. How cool is that?

A big thanks to  @ScreenTag for steering me in the right direction once again.  


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