Vote For Your Favourite Crypto to be the 3rd added to LocalCryptos P2P Marketplace: Updated Feb 20
Dash, Litecoin, EOS.IO

Vote For Your Favourite Crypto to be the 3rd added to LocalCryptos P2P Marketplace: Updated Feb 20

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 16 Feb 2020

LocalCryptos is a peer-to-peer marketplace that currently supports Ethereum and Bitcoin. LocalCryptos began life as LocalEthereum in 2017 before changing their name in November 2019 when support for Bitcoin was added.

Now LocalCryptos is looking to add a 3rd cryptocurrency. Dash, EOS.IO and Litecoin were named in November 2019 as being on LocalCryptos shortlist. Over time they plan to add more cryptocurrencies to their P2P marketplace.

The cryptocurrency with the most votes by 20th February will be the next crypto to be added to LocalCryptos.

Both users of the P2P marketplace and guests can vote for their favourite crypto. They only require that you have a valid email address. A verification email is then sent to your address.

Live Voting Results

so far the voting is:

Dash 1121 votes, 41.3%

Litecoin 1062 votes, 39.1%

EOS.IO 532 votes, 19.6%

Dash has overtaken Litecoin's earlier lead where they had 47% of the vote. Go on and have a little bit of fun. Only a couple of days left till voting closes.

LocalCryptos is available in 100 countries including Venezuela, Argentina, Brasil, Australia and New Zealand. 12 different payment methods are available including cash (in person), bank transfer, cash deposit, PayPal and Western Union.

Feel free to use the comments to let us know how you voted, why you think your favourite should win and why it is the best of the three.

PLEASE NOTE there is no referral program attached to the voting. Its just a bit of fun in an otherwise very serious tending cryptoverse.

Live Voting Results Update Feb 19 8.30.09pm AWST

Live Update

Litecoin is steadily pulling away from Dash. Someone has stirred up the Litecoin and Dash twitter brigades. Took awhile for them to realise that bragging rights are up for grab here. Slowly they are mobilising their troops. Be interesting to see who has the best fan base networks. Go teams.

Sad as it is to say but at the end of the day it's probably going to come down to the marketing hype, thats going to win the day. Doesn't matter how good your tech or product is you still have to convince people to use it. I wish it wasn't so and the best person always wins but I know that rarely happens in the real world. 

Live Voting Results Update Feb 19 10.12.06pm AWST


In has only taken the Dash team 2 hours to reduce the Litecoin teams lead by over a 100 votes. Amazing the power of Twitter.

Live Voting Results Update Feb 19 10.45.10pm AWST


Dash team are on a roll, can they keep up the pace for another 9hrs. As their part of the world is sleeping are they going to pass the baton around the globe. It will be morning here, evening in the Americas, should be interesting finish.  

Live Voting Results Update Feb 19 11.16.43pm AWST


What a turn around by the Dash team. I will be rising early tomorrow to see the sprint to the finish line.

Live Voting Results Update Feb 20 6.42.41am AWST


The Dash team have extended their lead over night. With only 1 hour to go till voting closes who is going to win the dash to the finish line and win the bragging rights. Remember don't blame the referee if your team doesn't win. There are already some examples of that to be seen on twitter within the different coins networks. 

Live Voting Results Update Feb 20 7.10.09am AWST 


Maybe this will need to go to the video umpire after all. Something is not right with the Live results. Dash was leading with 2678 votes, Litecoin now has 2756 votes but Dash is supposed now need 739 votes to lead. 78 + 65 only equals 143 on my calculator. And EOS.IO have somehow pull back 596 votes on 2nd place, doubling their vote in a matter of minutes. 

Live Voting Results Update Feb 20 8.02.48am AWST


And the winner is Litecoin by a country mile.



Please feel free to give your feedback in the "Comments". I won't be offended. Hopefully I can learn something.


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