The Publish0x Weekly Stats

The Publish0x Weekly Stats

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 31 May 2020

Today on twitter Dan Bainbridge @bigbirdvc tweeted his reply to @BraveSampson stating:

.....and roughly 30% of our tips are in $BAT) :)


mmm 30% seems a bit on the high side, last time I looked 

Are BAT tips on Publish0x back? - An Open Discussion (Update May 01)

the tips for April were roughly

  • LRC  50%
  • DAI   25%
  • BAT  25%

Maybe things had changed. Time to consult my posts for the last week and see what they reveal.


  • DAI   60%     ⬆️    the big winner
  • LRC  20%     ⬇️    the big loser
  • BAT  20%     ⬇️

The Official Publish0x Stats

The link to the Publish0x Stat page can be found on the Menu Banner at the bottom of each page.


Weekly Report Summary

  • 179,390 tips were made by 8,791 different users
  • A total of $2,651.59 was tipped

That equates to

  • 21.8 tips per user
  • $0.30 per user

That means the average user only tips 3 days out of a possible 7 days. Based on the available 7 tips a day (I have counted them and got 7 tips every day for 2 weeks. It was part of my research for a post on tipping).

  • 1,885 posts were published by 665 different users.
  • 3,396 users joined the site

That works out at 

  • average of 2.8 posts the 665 users


The Graphs


As you can see from the graph, lately the amount of LRC tipped has been dropping and the amount of DAI tipped has been increasing. BAT tips have remained static. This corresponds to my findings from last weeks posts.

The Future

This will all change again if Publish0x introduces ETH to the tipping pool. And all the questions that raises.

The End

While stats can be interesting and even enlightening, but it pays not to read too much into them. 


I hope you found this post interesting and informative. I always enjoy doing the research and putting it all together.
Feel free to post comments, as getting feedback is how we learn. And as a publisher all feedback is greatly appreciated.
Or a thumbs up if you enjoyed your read.
Stay Safe 


Update June 01

Early this morning Igor Tomić posted some comments. He was able to confirm the exact proportions of tips on Publish0x. 

  • DAI    47%
  • BAT   27%
  • LRC   27%

With a 100% sample this would have to be as accurate as you can get. My sample was only 6 out of possible 1,885 posts or 0.3% with a wide margin for error. But it still indicated the trend changes of DAI ⬆️ and LRC ⬇️

And Igor confirmed that this ratio will remain until the new token is implemented. Igor also  stated in his answer to a question from Oxgult that if any tokens are no longer used as the tipping token Publish0x will lower the withdrawal threshold.


More Questions Than Answers

  • is the new token really going to be ETH?
  • if yes how will they fund this, hard to imagine Vitalik Buterin becoming a Publish0x sponsor
  • or will it be another token
  • will one of the existing tokens be dropped?
  • which one is destined to go LRC? BAT?
  • what will the new tipping ratio be after implementation


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