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By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 16 Mar 2020

I made a promise to Sugarfix, that I would share my recipe for Raw Dark Chocolate. Apparently Sugarfix likes his chocolate a bit too much. This is a recipe for guilt free chocolate, that actually has health benefits.

But first I have a story to tell.

My flatmate Jamie invited me to attend a Life Style Expo, held at the Claremont Showgrounds in Perth. Maybe he thought I needed saving from myself. 

There were all sorts of stalls promoting everything from Massage, Kinesiology, Worm Farms and Roar Super Foods Chocolatiers Extraordinaire. Each stall was given a certain amount of time to promote their product in the seminar room. I decided to pop in and have a listen to the Chocolatiers, after all I do like chocolate. You never know, I might get lucky and get a free sample.

It was a very interesting presentation. They covered the history of chocolate from early South American culture, where it was a highly prized commodity. To being introduced to the West as a medicine and later becoming the confectionary we know today. Plus they explained all the health benefits.

At the end of the presentation the speaker came around with a small bowl of small square tablets of chocolate. I was too polite and only took one. It melted in my mouth. But the interesting thing I noticed was I quickly felt more alive. Not the same hit as a coffee, a little bit more subtle but definitely noticeable.

As I was working as a Fly In Fly Out (FiFo), doing 12 hour shifts, mostly on nightshift. I was looking for something to keep me alert at work, with out having to resort to a caffeine fix. Caffeine makes go hypo for a couple of hours and interferes with my sleep. 

I found out that you could buy their product from select Health Food shops, they did sell the ingredients from shops and online and also ran chocolate making classes.

The chocolate had to be kept in a fridge and had a very short shelf life. Not a recipe for commercial success.

My wife also liked the chocolate. So she ordered a chocolate making kit for my next birthday. The kit was just a small muslin bag with a small quantity of ingredients. And a booklet containing a brief history of chocolate, summary of health benefits and the recipe. It was an expensive way of getting the recipe.


The recipe was pretty easy to follow and takes about 20 minutes to make a batch.

I soon got into the habit of making a few batches before I flew out to work. Enough for 6 pieces per shift and about 4 per day for my wife. Easter, Christmas and birthdays the Chocolate Factory shifts into high gear.

My wife and I both play Lumosity. It a series of games designed to exercise your brain. You get a score based on your performance in memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving. My scores had reached a plateau after the initial rapid increase. This morning I had a couple of pieces of the Raw Dark Chocolate and my score jumped 20%. That was amazing. To be able to quantify the effect it had on the brain. It actually made the brain function more efficiently.

Over the years I had increased my intake to 3 pieces pre-shift and 3 pieces at each 4 hours break. The effect seems to last about 4 hours. 

I always try and take a few extra pieces to work to share with people, as most people seem to think it is the best chocolate they have ever tasted. Probably due to the fact it melts in your mouth or hand or at room temperature. The chocolate in Australia takes like it has crayons in it. It needs to be able to handle 40 degrees celsius in summer.

Now I don't mind sharing but I do object when people take this granted and there becomes an expectation of "where's my chocolate". Plus there are some people who get all excited and want to make their own. So I ended up putting the recipe and health benefit in notes on my phone. So it is only a push of a button and they have the information instantly. Then it is up to them to make their own. 

21 October 2015 at 6.46pm


80g Raw Organic Peruvian Cacao butter, chopped small pieces.

55g sifted Raw Organic Ecuadorian Cacao powder

3Tbsp Dark Agave Syrup (not from Blue Agave plant)

1/4 tsp Vanilla powder.

Place chopped butter and vanilla in pyrex jug and sit on pot of boiling water. Turn off heat, steam will melt butter.

Once melted, put little bit heat under butter just to get steam going again then turn off. Add Agave and whisk well. Temp between 40C - 50C

Mix in powder, blend well. Let liquid chocolate sit for minute on steam ideally around 46C, then stir well.

Remove jug, wipe all condensation off jug.

Carefully pour into moulds and gently shake to settle.

Place in freezer 30-40 min or fridge 1-2hrs.

When set, leave sitting couple mins before removing from moulds

Store in airtight container in fridge.

Stays fresh up to a month



raw chocolate contains

- rich source of antioxidants, 10 * more than regular chocolate

- phenylethylamine & magnesium, promotes thermeogenesis & healthy bowel motility, naturally decreases appetite = weight loss

- mild aphrodisiac & libido enhancer

- serotonin, stress

- dopamine, motivator

- tryptophan, amino acid that helps relax and sleep better

- arginine, amino acid helps body produce nitric oxide

- anandamide, bliss chemical, helps increase stress resilience, concentration and heighten sense of wellbeing

- lots magnesium, helps heart, sleep, exercise recovery, relaxes muscles, stress , clear toxins and utilise energy

- calcium, zinc, iron, copper and potassium

- theobromide, gentler cousin of caffeine, does not deplete the adrenal gland like caffeine


also dairy and sugar free, cholesterol neutral, very little caffeine

Commercial chocolate you buy off the shelf has had all sorts of things done to it, to extend its shelf life, uses poor quality (cheap) ingredients, has fillers added. In doing this they have also destroyed a lot of the goodness of the chocolate. 

Try this as an experiment. Rub Cacao Powder on one arm and Cacao Butter on the other. Which one smells like chocolate?

When I was in Peru, I had a cold sore on my lip. I went to a Farmacia to get some Cold Sore cream. But the guy keep giving me a small square of Cacao Butter wrapped in silver paper. I tried to explain that was not what I wanted but eventually gave up and bought the Cacao Butter. It only took a couple of days for the Cold Sore to clear up. Once again I felt like a dumb tourist. Apparently Cacao Butter is used in Lip Balm and cosmetics. 

You can substitute Agave for other sweeteners but will need adjust the recipe accordingly. My wife likes hers made with Maple Syrup. This requires removing from heat a little earlier otherwise it starts to set before you can get it in the silicon ice cube moulds. It has something to do with the lower viscosity of the Maple Syrup requiring less heat. 

The Raw Dark Chocolate works out about 55% Cacao, so is not as bitter as most commercial dark chocolates.

Over heating will cause it to set when adding the Cacao Powder. Pays not to be chatting when making chocolate. as you need to concentrate towards the later stages. 

It pays to buy the best ingredients. I have tried other peoples, who followed the recipe but used supermarket ingredients and it was very noticeable. 

I still buy my ingredients in bulk direct from Price wise it is comparable to supermarket prices because the supermarket is selling in smaller quantities. There is a new owner and they no longer make their own product or run classes.

I prefer to make it first thing in the morning before I start my day and get distracted by the day. Tomorrow is the day because my grand son is paying me a visit and he loves chocolate too.


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