How We Earned $70 Cash with PureProfile And Bought Crypto With It.

How We Earned $70 Cash with PureProfile And Bought Crypto With It.

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 6 Sep 2020

I found out about the PureProfile site through a guy I worked with. We had been discussing things crypto and I had told him how we had been buying small amounts of crypto each week, with what ever $$$ we had spare that week. Plus we were participating in Airdrops, Coinbase Earn, anything that would help us Stack the Sats during the winter season.


My work mate told me about this site, he had been using on and off to generate some spare cash.

It was called PureProfile and it's main features are:

  • pays cash direct into your bank account, no gift cards or PayPal account needed.
  • you can redeem up to $70 AUD every 60 days.
  • minimum withdrawal $20 AUD
  • works out you earn about $9-10 per hour for answering surveys
  • PureProfile is available for people with US, UK, Australia and New Zealand bank accounts.

Use our referral link  to register and set up your account.

Your Profile

Now this is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Your profile needs to match the demographics of what the survey is looking for. Then you will be offered more surveys.

Now I am not suggesting for a minute that you lie about your age or gender. But the sweet spot according to my work mate was female, 30-45, employed and living in Sydney. No it does not matter whether you are blonde or brunette.

No one really cares what a 60 year male thinks, unless the survey is about funeral plans, rest homes or adult diapers. And believe me there are no surveys on those subjects or we have not seen one yet.

And it is really important when completing the surveys to stick to the information that you provided in setting your profile. Otherwise PureProfile will keep sending you annoying notifications and emails.


You can just ignore the constant emails and notifications. PureProfile will still allow you to continue completing paid surveys and redeem your rewards.

Mobile App

We found it is best to use the mobile app.

The Mobile app allows you to complete surveys on the go, sitting on the bus or train, waiting at the Drs or any time you have a few spare minutes.

Also the Mobile App allows you to choose the amount you want to redeem. $70 AUD split 3 ways. Don't ask me why our payments ended up being $23.40, $24.60 and $22.00, they just did. 

The website only allows $20 denominations and it means you will only get $60 AUD every 60 days.




Survey Format

All surveys start with a few screening questions and check that you are not a robot. 

  • female/male/other
  • DOB and/or age
  • your postal code
  • are you thinking of renovating, going overseas, buying a house in the next 12 months
  • do you own smart phone, notebook, laptop, 
  • do you or any family member work in any one of the following industries

You will notice the Webpage says EARN $0.10 - $3.25

This survey pays $3.25 if you fully complete it. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and would work out at $9.75 AUD per hour. Give or take depending on your internet connection, eyesight, how fat your fingers are and other variables.

But you only get $0.10 if you are screened out at the beginning or during the survey. You don't want to be screened out 3/4 the way through an hour survey and only get $0.10.

Except for the initial 60 day period where you want to go hard, to get the $70 AUD, as quick as you can. We found the most efficient method was doing the $1.60 to $0.30 range. For everything else it seems we or a family member happen to work in 2-3 of the industries mentioned. Bingo 10 cents.

In the early days I did do a survey for $9.00 AUD, they wanted me to record for a week, every time I listened to the radio, where I was etc. I spent a lot more than a hour on it. It was really time consuming but luckily I was working night shift and my employer was also paying me for my time. So while it was not a big deal, I did learn to avoid the higher paying surveys.

Proving you are not a robot could involve watching a very short video of a strawberry with a church bell ringing as the soundtrack. Or as a simple as inputting a code.

Except for the quick $0.50 to $0.30 surveys, they all finish with some more personal questions

  • household income range
  • household composition
  • do you have any feedback





PureProfile used to include RAIZ as an option but it was dropped due to some legal issues of some sort. And they have only recently re-introduced the Movie Tickets and Gift Cards options. Which seemed to disappear during the Covid-19  lock down period in Australia. But they have always had the cash into your bank account. 

The bank account will need to be in the same name as used in your profile. While it is technically feasible to operate more than one account. You would just need to borrow some ones identity and bank account. This is frowned upon by PureProfile and is not advised. But just saying it is possible if you are that way inclined.

Payment generally takes 30 days. But once you get going and on a roll you will receive $20 something every 3 weeks or so. 

Converting the Fait into Crypto

As soon as the PureProfile earnings hit the bank account, it was immediately deposited to  The $AUD would be split 5 ways between whatever coins/tokens we were collecting at the time. Keep in mind this was pre the GAStronomical area. When we had bought about $200 of a coin/token, it would get sent to our wallet for safe keeping. Then we would start on another 5 coin/tokens on our buy list.

This was our accumulation strategy during the winter period January 2019 to early 2020. It worked well for us because it:

  • limited amount kept on exchange to less than $1000 AUD
  • kept our transactions fees to a minimum (like most exchanges Coinspot were charging about 10x actual gas fees)
  • we didn't need to try and time the market
  • and apparently it was called dollar cost averaging, so it worked out that over the 18 month period the average price paid for most of the coins was a lot less than they were worth a week ago.

The advantages of using Coinspot over Coinbase or another Australian exchange.

  • could buy under $1.00 AUD of any coin
  • flat 1% commission
  • large number of coins/tokens supported (all the ones we collected)
  • up to $20,000 AUD deposit per day.

US, UK, Australian And New Zealand Residents

I know PureProfile doesn't pay you in cool crypto, it is not as much fun as playing Rollercoin or using Faucets. But it does actually pay you quite well.

The End




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