Free Zcash (ZEC) Using the Global Hive Crypto Fountain with Gen 2 Faucet Technology

By B18 | B18 | 24 Jul 2020

Global Hive claim to be using Generation 2 Faucet Technology. This is probably based on the following redeeming features:

  • no intrusive ads
  • no minimum withdrawal threshold
  • no withdrawal fees
  • claim free Zcash (ZEC) daily
  • pays out rewards instantly to your Zcash Wallet address
  • link to your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts and earn 1.9x the rewards
  • use the Brave Browser and earn 10x the rewards


Global Hive

The start-up Global Hive announced on May 23, 2020 that they:

.....recently implemented where $2 out every $10 profit goes to support orphanages. Ultimately, the goal is to assist and help get them placed in healthy families.

so that: can make money and help the helpless by providing them an opportunity at a brand new beginning.

This all this sounds a bit cheesey and Global Hive provide no further information about how they plan to implement or achieve these noble aims. But the important thing is you get to claim Zcash every 24 hours from the Global Hive Zcash Fountain.

All you need an email and a Zcash wallet address to register. They have been paying out instantly to my Zcash wallet. What more do you need to know. 

Multiplier Rewards


They have a bonus rewards system very similar to the Zen Faucet. (In fact the whole website appears to be a direct copy of the ZEN Faucet site).

  • Linking to your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts gets you 1.9x multiplier bonus.
  • For downloading or just using the Brave Browser if already downloaded, you receive 10x multiplier rewards.

While the website states on the rewards page, that you get 20% extra Faucet rewards when you use Brave Browser. This is a hangover from the ZEN Faucet, one of the many things they forget to change when copying the Zen Faucet site.

I had already downloaded the Browser Browser and I have been receiving the 10x multiplier rewards. 

Referral Program

Invite your friends and earn a special Bonus Round for every referral. For each Bonus Round you can win you 0.00025, 0.01 or 0.1 ZEC. 

Please feel free to use my Global Hive Fountain referral link

It can take 1-2 days for your referrals to be activated


Once your referral is activated, click on Claim Now. You get to play the slot machine.


And Congratulations You won 0.00025 ZEN. Don't worry this is just a hangover from Global Hive copying the ZEN Faucet site. You will get paid 0.00025 ZEC instantly to your Zcash wallet address. (It can take up to 20-30 seconds).


I Was A Tezos Fountain In My Previous Life

The Global Hive started out as the Tezos (XTZ) Fountain. Then one day the Global Hive site became unavailable as it was under maintenance. I just assumed that was the end of it, until a couple days later I got the following email from Global Hive:

URGENT UPDATE: First, many of you are doing an AMAZING job referring your family and friends to Globalhive and we are extremely grateful.

Yesterday it was discovered that with all of these new users creating Tezos wallet addresses, we were losing a tremendous amount of money, but didn't know why.

Our genius senior developer discovered that Tezos had implemented a protocol fee applied to every brand new wallet address. Their fee is .25 Tezos.

Obviously, this is an unsustainable model. Effective immediately, we are switching the reward crypto token from Tezos to ZCash.

We apologize for the disruption to the system that we had implemented.

We are dedicated to crypto adoption and keeping everything moving forward.

If we may humbly ask, if you have not downloaded the Brave Browser or are not using it to claim your daily rewards, we would greatly appreciate it if you would do so.

We offer a 10x reward for this and it greatly helps us keep the doors open!

Thank you,
Team Globalhive

Now I have tried to verify if the Tezos Foundation have actually implemented a protocol fee of 0.25 XTZ to every brand new wallet address. But to date have not found anything to back-up Global Hives claims. 

ZEC Payment Confirmation


Global Hive claim history showing ZEC amount.


Exodus Zcash wallet showing corresponding transactions plus the Bonus Rounds.

While Funding Lasts

This is stated on the Global Hive site.


It appears Global Hive get their funding (or part of) from the Brave Browser referral program. It is also noted that they promote downloading the Exodus Wallet to get a Zcash address. Maybe Global Hive have some arrangement with and receive kickbacks in some form or other. 

The End

And really I didn't make up the bit about Generation 2 Faucet Technology. That's what they wrote on their blog.

Please take some of Global Hive's claims with a grain of salt. I nearly choked on my dinner when I saw we would be helping the orphans with an opportunity at a new beginning. 

But ignoring all that hype, the most important thing is Global Hive do pay out the ZEC instantly to your Zcash Wallet. Thats all that matters.

Please drink responsibly from the Fountain.




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