For All Things DeFI - Follow These Crypto Twitter Accounts

For All Things DeFI - Follow These Crypto Twitter Accounts

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 25 Jul 2020

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is all the rage in the Cryptoverse. So here are 9 Crypto Twitter accounts worth following if you would like to keep updated on what is happening in DeFi.

#1 Camila Russo @CamiRusso


  • Chiefess at Defiant News, a DeFi news platform
  • tweets mostly about Ethereum and DeFI related news
  • read her book "The Infinite Machine" if you would like to know more about Ethereum

#2 Ryan Sean Adams @RyanSAdams


  • Crypto Investor
  • Founder of Mythos Capital
  • created the Bankless program through his newsletter
  • explores what is possible with Ethereum

#3 Anthony Sassano @sassal0x


  • co-founder of EthHub
  • co-host of the Into the Ether podcast
  • writes a daily commentary on the The Daily Gwei

#4 Andrew Kang @Rewkang


  • thought leader of the automated market maker (AMM)
  • prop trading
  • mining
  • venture
  • shitcoins
  • secondary markets

#5 Dan Elitzer @delitzer


  • investor in IDEO CoLab Ventures
  • recently spoke on Unchained podcast about yield farming

#6 DeFi Dad @DeFi_Dad


  • organiser of Ethereal Summit
  • hosts the Ethereal podcast
  • tweets about new projects and protocols

#7 kain.eth @kaiynne


  • founder of Synthetix
  • tweets about the development of Synthetix and DeFi in general

#8 stani.eth @StaniKulechov


  • founder of the Aave protocol

#9 Daryl Lau @Daryllautk


  • research analyst at CoinGecko



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