Did Your Brave Rewards Ads Suddenly Stop and Other Brave Matters

Did Your Brave Rewards Ads Suddenly Stop and Other Brave Matters

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 30 May 2020

Early this month the Brave Rewards ads suddenly stopped on my wife's and my mobile devices. We had been getting 1-3 ads per hour, depending how long we were using the Brave Browser on the mobiles. We both do most of our work on our laptops. I mainly use Brave Browser on my mobile to play 2 Ark Faucets (hourly), Tez Faucet (weekly) and Publish0x tipping (up to 7 times a day). When Brave Rewards is working properly, I tended to make more from the Brave Rewards than the other activities combined.

ArkDel Faucet 


Biz Classic Faucet


Tezos Faucet


#1 The Fix

I noticed that this issue has been raised a number of times on various channels but some of the solutions seemed a bit on the complicated side. So I usually put it in the too hard basket and just left it to fix itself.

Yesterday I received the BAT Community Forum email update and there the subject was raised yet again.

BAT rewards not working 

VentGrey replied


This solution seemed more inside my skill set, so I thought I would see if it works. 

  • Tap BAT icon top right hand corner
  • Tap Settings
  • Turn Brave Rewards off
  • Turn Brave Rewards on

Within 5 minutes I had 2 Brave Rewards ads



Tried the same steps on my wife's mobile and she had a Brave Rewards ad within minutes. Now why didn't we think of that, the universal computer glitch fix-it solution, turn off and on again. 

#2 Less Number of Ads Showing in Developing Countries and the 3rd World

Now this subject keeps coming up in the forums and Publish0x comments. While not always put as bluntly, not sure I would call Greece a 3rd world country, but the general theme is always the same.

Robioul_Islam  posted on the BAT Community Forum     Brave ads is working well in the Developed countrie

Robioul_Islam raises the issue of the amount of ads showing in developed countries, compared to those of the less developed countries like India, Pakistan and Mayanmar. And relates it to the amount of money there is to spend on web based ads. i.e. the disposable incomes of the people. 


18 days later PeLaNo replies

Brave Publishers charge minimum $2,500/month for ad campaigns, which will be in USD. As PeLaNo points out this would be a lot for a small business's advertising budget in a developing or 3rd world country. Now I do not know where PeLaNo gets the figure of $2,500/month but this is the first time I have seen it mentioned. Lets just assume it is correct, if it is more or less, it is not really going to change the ability of small business's to afford a Brave advertising campaign.


As you can see from the Supported Countries Active Campaigns, Group 1 and 2 countries have a higher number of active campaigns than Group 5 countries

What Group is My Country in?

  • United States  -  87 - Group 1
  • United Kingdom  -  47 - Group 2
  • Canada  -  44 - Group 2
  • Australia  -  38 - Group 2
  • New Zealand  -  30 - Group 2


  • India  -  17 - Group 5


  • Pakistan  -  3 - Group 5


  • Myanmar  -  1  - Group 5


The full list of Active Brave Ads Campaigns and Supported Countries can be found at:


Future Possible Solutions

  • Chicken or the Egg. As Brave gets more users in the developing countries it will attract more advertisers with bigger advertising budgets.
  •  If the only reason users are coming to the Brave ecosystem is to receive 0.05 BAT per Brave ad and they only have 1 active campaign in their country. This could be a barrier for future expansion in that country.
  • Hence why Brave Publishers changed their Referral Program from both parties receiving $US5 when using referral link and Brave Browser is downloaded and installed. To a 5 tier system, depending on what country it is downloaded. $US7.50 for Group 1 - USA. Down to $US1 for a Group 5 country. Brave Publishers wanted to concentrate their resources in the markets where they could get more bang for their BAT.
  • But I am sure in Mayanmar, 0.005 BAT is worth more to the user than it would be in the USA. New users may still be motivated to use the Brave Browser and Brave Rewards, partly negating the current lack of active campaigns in Mayanmar.
  • Micro-ads. The idea of micro-ads was mentioned in  Basic Attention Token White Paper   and  an earlier post  Have You Read the Basic Attention Token White Paper  . This would allow business's with a tiny advertising budget (or nil budget) to have a very targeted advertising campaign. Which could be paid with their Brave Rewards. For example my wife runs an online Translation Service  liario.com  and her web-site is a Brave Verified Creator. For example with Micro-ads she would be able to target people seeking NAATI certified Portuguese/English translators and pay for it with the BAT tips and Brave Rewards.



The End


I hope you found this post interesting and informative. I always enjoy doing the research and putting it all together.
Feel free to post comments, as getting feedback is how we learn. And as a publisher all feedback is greatly appreciated.
Or a thumbs up if you enjoyed your read.
Stay Safe



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