Brave Sets New BAT Buy Back Record

Brave Sets New BAT Buy Back Record

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 22 Jul 2020

Today Sampson @BraveSampson tweeted he had added another purchase of BAT to:


Transparency Data Feed

This page records the Platform Stats and Token Activity

  • Verified Creators by Platform
  • Brave-initiated BAT Purchases
  • Brave Ads - Supported Countries (Active Campaigns)


For the month of July a total of 1,105,788 was purchased, a new monthly record.

Transaction Record 

Clicking on the 2020-07-20 Record Link, takes you to the Uphold transaction record

84c40a10-fb4d-4098-827f-7b5f49afa491   Which shows that:

  • $61,311.31 USD was paid by bank transfer
  • Uphold member was credited 227,410.319721146177193769 BAT
  • Market Rate was 3.782874864100699386 BAT 
  • 1.95% Exchange Fee of 4,522.693762939674100234 BAT
  • processed at 7.03 am 07/21/2020



Why Brave Buy Back BAT

There is a footnote at the bottom of the list of recent BAT purchases that states:

As part of the Brave Rewards program, users who participate in Brave Ads receive 70% of the advertising revenue. That reward comes in the form of Basic Attention Tokens, purchased with advertiser dollars (or other fiat currency, when the advertiser does not pay in BAT). These routine purchases are listed in the table above.

This explains why Brave is required to purchase the BAT. As the advertiser may not pay in BAT but with dollars or other fiat currency. Then the advertising dollars are used to make the routine purchases. These tokens then make their way back to participants of Brave Rewards. Thats us the Brave Browser users.

Brave Gathering Momentum

It is interesting to note that a lot of the Group 4 and 5 countries, that used to only have 1 Active Campaign are now supporting 2-3 Active Campaigns. That means more Brave Reward notification views for the users in the group 4 and 5 countries. Which is more BAT paid each month to those Brave users.

There had been a lot of feedback on BAT community forum, that the users from these countries felt neglected or their attention was somehow worth less. Due to the low amount of BAT being earned each month compared to Group 1 and 2 countries.

It would appear that advertising is starting to gain traction in Group 4 and 5 countries. This will create a feedback loop. More BAT for users. More users. More advertisers. More BAT for users. More Users.........

This is all good news for Brave and their native token BAT.

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