Brave Ad on Mobile Device - Earn BAT When You Refer New Users to Brave

Brave Ad on Mobile Device - Earn BAT When You Refer New Users to Brave

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 2 May 2020

My wife and I both use the Brave Browser as our default browser on our laptops and mobile devices and have opted into Brave Rewards 

We have also been earning extra BAT from the Brave Referral Program. Each verified publisher channel gets it's own referral link and we have been actively promoting these links on Facebook and Twitter as well as occasionally on Publish0x. On your Publisher Dashboard it tracks what channel the referral came from by what referral link was used. Handy to know if most of your referrals come from Publish0x or Twitter.

Today I received this Ad from Brave Rewards on my mobile device.

The Ad was inviting you to Earn BAT when you refer new users to Brave and gives simple to follow instructions. I have taken a series screenshots of the Ad. Where there is a link included in the screenshot, I have put the relevant link under the screenshot with the text matching that shown in the ad. Also I have attempted to add some further clarification as required, as some steps may not be that clear to the beginner.

Earn BAT

Clicking on the Sign Up Now takes you to the Brave Rewards - Become a Creator page.

Sign Up

You add your email, agree to Brave's terms and conditions and hit the big red button Create account


Step One

Step 1

Sign up takes you to , not quite the same web page as Brave Rewards - Become a Creator or the Create Account but serves the same purpose.

visit the help center. takes you to their support page for help with Verifying your Channels.

Step 2

Step 2

Learn more about how explains how to setup Brave referral promos to take advantage of your referral codes.

Step 3

Step 3

As you can see there are 3 metrics shown on the dashboard

  • Downloaded - this is how many have downloaded the Brave Browser using your referral code
  • Installed - this is how many have installed the Brave Browser
  • Confirmed - this is the money one. To get the referral reward the browser has to be used minimally for 30 days. Once it has been 30 days it will show up as confirmed. Payment will be show on your dashboard as pending and gets paid out at the beginning of each month.

The rest of the ad was about Reasons why users should try Brave. Not sure why this was included, as the Brave Ad is being shown on the Brave Browser, so I am already a user. Maybe the ad was designed for another channel initially. Who knows, not really that important in the scheme of things.


Browse up to 3x faster

3x faster

Block ads &trackers that follow you around


Get rewarded for browsing



I have included a screenshot of my Creator Dashboard.


It shows that:

  • I was last paid 15.63 BAT for March referral on April 9th (1 confirmed referral)
  • I am due 34.85 BAT in early May (2 confirmed referrals)
  • For the month of April I had 7 Downloads but only 4 Installs. They have yet to go the 30 days to become confirmed.
  • Brave has been broken the World up into 5 Geographical Groups for the purposes of referral payouts. So depending on where your referral is based will influence whether you receive $US1 or the full $US7.50 reward.

I do most of my promo's on twitter as I found this easier and can reach a wider audience of people who may not already know about or don't have the Brave Browser installed. This is my best source of earnings from the Brave Referral Program. Most of the people on Publish0x are already into Brave Browser and BAT. So it would be like preaching to the converted or taking coal to Newcastle. 

In case you found these steps hard to follow I have included the link, to a previous post of mine where the process of verifying your publisher accounts is explained in a different format.

Earn BAT When You Refer New Users to Brave - Beginners Guide and Tutorial

I hope you found this post interesting and informative. I always enjoy doing the research and putting it together.

Feel free to post comments, as getting feedback is how we learn. And as a publisher tall feedback is muchly appreciated.

Or a thumbs up if you enjoyed your read.

If you are not already using the Brave Browser on your laptop or mobile devices. You can download and install the Brave Browser by using my referral link 

Stay Safe




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