BAT Supply Unlimited or Capped? - Common Misconceptions - Part 2

BAT Supply Unlimited or Capped? - Common Misconceptions - Part 2

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 17 May 2020

I was always under the impression that the supply of Basic Attention Tokens was capped at 1.5 Billion. But lately I have read that the supply of Basic Attention Tokens is unlimited and Brave can create new tokens at will. Today I saw it again in a post:

Why is BAT is the best cryptocurrency for most people

Its market cap is high, but not so high that 30% moves in a day are rare. It's number of tokens are unlimited, but the company behind the token buys back some of them occasionally.

How did I get it so wrong? Had they somehow changed the rules (code) and I missed the announcement? Time to put on my Sherlock Hat and do some good old detective work (aka DYOR).

Just For The Record

I had already posted:

BAT, Mass Adoption and Related Matters - An Open Discussion

Where the it was mentioned about the Basic Attention Token ICO

Tokens for Sale - 1 Billion, raising $24 million in Ethereum which was 133,333 ETH @ $180.00 per ETH.

User Growth Pool - 300 Million (free ones).

BAT Development Pool - 200 Million (free ones).

The Basic Attention Token White Paper was covered in the post:

Have You Read the Basic Attention Token White Paper?

While I had read the White Paper, the post did not mention the ICO.

And some common misconceptions were discussed in:

BAT, Brave Rewards and Brave Browser - Common Misconceptions - Part 1

After some positive feedback. I always meant to make it a series but with so many other ideas floating around in my head, it is only now that we have Part 2.

What a DuckDuckGo Search Revealed

The search revealed that some-one else had asked the same question 9 days ago on Reddit. They wanted to know the "Max supply of Basic Attention Token".


Posted on Reddit 9 days ago by NatoraAshoray


And the prompt reply by bat-chriscat from BAT team the same day


I have added the following links in resources if you want to read them fully. 

  • Introduction Guide to BAT
  • Basic Attention Token White Paper
  • BAT smart contract code

Unlimited or Capped?

Definitely Capped!!!

Unless some-one changes the Basic Attention Token smart contract code, the supply is capped at 1.5 Billion tokens. And I would most likely get to hear about on the Twitterverse, if they decided to pull a stunt like that. Not to mention the market value of the BAT would head south.


  • don't always believe everything you read. A lot of media articles are copies of other articles of copies of other articles.......
  • Chinese whispers quickly distort the original
  • do your own research.
  • try and confirm from 3 sources.

Next Question

Where did this idea come from?

Not sure but I think a clue could be in the later part of the above quote

.....but the company behind the token buys back some of them occasionally.

It is possible that some-one misread the original media announcement by Brave, to mean that Brave was doing a "stock buy-back". Hence soaking up excess supply to maintain the market value. The opposite would be to lower the market value by minting more Basic Attention Token. I know it doesn't make sense but thats the best I could come up with at short notice.

The End.

I never know where it will end up when I get an inspiration to write something. But I just go with it and see what transpires.  I can waffle on a bit when I get on a roll.
You have done well, if you made it to the end.
I hope you found this post interesting and informative. I always enjoy doing the research and putting it all together.
Feel free to post comments, as getting feedback is how we learn. All feedback is greatly appreciated.
Or a thumbs up if you enjoyed your read.
Stay Safe


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Update May 18

Thanks to  @nikkel5

for the link to the Brave buy-back article.


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