BAT, Brave Rewards - FAQ and Common Misconceptions - To Click or Not to Click

BAT, Brave Rewards - FAQ and Common Misconceptions - To Click or Not to Click

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 9 Jun 2020

This is the fourth post in a series where we have covered some common misconceptions and frequently asked questions regarding BAT, Brave Rewards and the Brave Browser.

It is a common belief, particularly with new Brave Browser users, is that you need to click on the Brave Rewards Ad Notifications to get paid the BAT Brave Rewards.


Every now and then the question gets asked on the BAT Community Forum or on another channel.

For example aces1968 posted on the BAT Community Forum

What is the differences of ads that being clicked, viewed and dismissed?

I am confused about ads that being dismissed if that ads is not counted for BAT rewards.

To Click or Not to Click

So let us check out  Brave Ads FAQ  and see what we can find. Go to the  Brave Help Center and click on  Rewards


Scroll down till you get to the question.

How long do I have to view the ad before my “attention” accounts as a “view”?

and Brave gives the answer:

Users are rewarded for viewing ad notifications as they appear in Brave. Users are not rewarded for clicking on ads.

Scrolling down a bit further is the question.

What exactly am I getting paid for? Just seeing the ad notification or actually clicking the ad?

and Brave gives a fuller explanation:

In the initial Brave Ads release, users receive BAT for viewing the ad notifications. In future releases, users will be able to earn additional rewards for engagement events within the ad tabs. Brave does not reward users for clicking on the notifications. Brave’s position is that users should only click on ads that they have a genuine interest in engaging with.

Why is it Bad to Click on Ads That You Have No Interest in Engaging With

The reason is it gives false information to the Publisher.

Every time an ad is displayed, there is a possibility of that person buying or signing up for a product.

If there are more people that just click an ad EVERY time, a publisher may look at the ratio of clicks vs views and use that data to determine whether it is worth using Brave to display ads or not.

Some businesses may not have a high conversion rate in the first place, so if there are more users clicking without buying, then it’s a waste of time and space for both the user and publisher.

7-Day Ads History

To view your Ad view history for the last 7 days, go to

  • Settings
  • Brave Rewards
  • 7-day ads history


As you can see the Nexo's was dismissed (i.e. closed) but still counts.


Engaging with the Ad notification show that it has been clicked.


Not closing or clicking the Ad notification (i.e. just letting it sit there for a few seconds before it disappears by itself). The Ad notification shows it has been viewed.



You have 3 options when you receive a Brave Rewards Ad notification on the Brave Browser.

  • Dismiss
  • View (leave to disappear)
  • Click on to engage with the ad

All three options you will get paid Brave Rewards. 

The End

I hope you found this post interesting and informative. I always enjoy doing the research and putting it all together.
Feel free to post comments, as a publisher all feedback is greatly appreciated.
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