Australian CoinSpot Exchange Now on Brave Rewards Ads - Why is it a Big Deal

By B18 | B18 | 11 Jun 2020

Australia's number 1 cryptocurrency platform CoinSpot is now advertising on the Brave Browser (mobile and laptop). 


Why is this such a big deal?

CoinSpot is one of the first Australian companies to be start advertising on the Brave Browser. CoinSpot's customers are specifically Australian, as CoinSpot only provide services to persons with an Australian bank account and identification. 

Up until now the Brave Reward ad notifications I have been receiving were from global or multinational companies wanting to engage with potential Australian customers.

I believe that this means that Brave Browser has reached a critical threshold in being able to attract local Australian advertisers. 

  • Brave has enough data to present to potential advertisers that the Brave advertising model works and is cost effective.
  • Brave now has 5 million daily active users.
  • Brave saw its monthly active users pass the 15 million mark with 15.4 million users (Jun 01, 2020)
  • Australia is a Group 2 country and currently has 47 Active Brave Ads Campaigns. 


  • on May 30, 2020 I posted the following article with the same screenshot showing only 38 Active Brave Ads Campaigns. Thats a 23.6% increase in 10 days.

Did Your Brave Ads Suddenly Stop and Other Brave Matters

The screenshot was taken from the webpage where Brave publishes the following useful information:

  • Verified Creators by Platform
  • Recent Brave-Initiated BAT Purchases
  • Brave Ads — Supported Countries (Active Campaigns)


What About Group 3,4 and 5 Countries

Currently if you are in a Group 5 country like Azerbaijan, there is a good chance you may only have 1 Active Brave Ads Campaign. This means you are seeing very few ad notifications per month. And consequently only getting minimal Brave Rewards (BAT).

Now this subject of the so called developing countries seeing less Brave ad notifications than the more developed countries, keeps coming up in the BAT and Brave community forums and occasionally in the Publish0x comments. The consensus is that their attention is worth less and they can feel a bit neglected by Brave.

In some respects their attention is worth less to global or multinational companies, due to the lower GDP per capita in the developing countries. For example Ledger, the maker of the Ledger Nano S and X, advertise in Australia. The Nano S sells for $109 AUD and the Nano X for $199 AUD. The GDP per capita of Azerbaijan is roughly a third of Australia's. One can imagine Ledger would not expect to sell many Ledger Nano's to crypto enthusiasts in Azerbaijan, as the Ledger Nano's are relatively 3 times more expensive. Hence Ledger may be reluctant to run an Ad Campaign in Azerbaijan.

To increase the Brave ad notifications in a developing country. The solution is increasing the monthly and daily active users, to the point where they reach the same critical threshold as Australia to attract the local advertisers. Then that country is not solely relying on the global or multinational companies for advertising.

This subject was covered in more depth under Other Brave Matters:

Did Your Brave Ads Suddenly Stop and Other Brave Matters 

Who and What is CoinSpot?


Founded in 2013, CoinSpot is an Australian based exchange that allows users to buy and sell more than 100 different cryptocurrencies. Although the platform accepts Australian fiat deposits (and fiat withdrawals), this is really only available to those based in Australia. CoinSpot is a member of Blockchain Australia and the only Australian based exchange to be awarded ISO 27001 certification (Sci Qual International - an accredited JAS-ANZ certification body).

Available Payment Methods

CoinSpot offers Australian fiat currency deposits and withdrawals. Below is a list of payment methods available.

  • Online bank transfer (POLi payments). Instant and no deposit fees. My preferred option.
  • Cash deposits (Blueshyft) - 0.9% deposit fee.
  • BPAY - 2% deposit fee.
  • It is free to withdraw AUD from your CoinSpot account to your Australian bank account.
  • You can also fund your account with cryptocurrency deposits

Trading Fees

  • Instant Buy, Sell and Swap - 1%.
  • Stop Loss, Take Profit, Buy Stop and Buy Limit Orders - 1%.
  • Market Orders - 0.1%.
  • Over-The-Counter Trading Desk - 0.1%.

Share the Love and Get $10 Free BTC!

And CoinSpot have a referral program. By referring a friend or associate to CoinSpot and you will both receive $10 worth of Bitcoin after they complete their first AUD deposit. So if you are Australian based and don't have a CoinSpot account. You can use my referral link:

Mass adoption starts with you!

What I like About CoinSpot

  • accepts deposits from $1 to $20,000 AUD. I quite often will deposit $5 to $30 each week if that is what is available in the weekly budget.
  • flat 1% fee on instant buy. I can buy 5 different coins or tokens with my $5 deposit and it still only costs 5 cents.
  • has most of the coins and tokens we collect. It even has Loopring (LRC).
  • provides excellent customer support. No dealing with Bots. Most replies are within 24 hours. All issues swiftly sorted. 
  • they run a referral program and an affiliate program.
  • had a great Christmas Promotion, where in the lead up to Christmas, if you bought a minimum $5, you won random crypto (once per day). I got some BAT, ADA, XTZ and some random tokens. Plus they had the Grand draw for a whole Bitcoin.

CoinSpot is my go to Exchange for all small and large crypto purchases. I have used the swap facility to exchange small amounts of the random Christmas Promotion tokens for Cosmos (ATOM). As the transaction fee would have been prohibitive sending to our wallet and they were not really tokens we were collecting.


I was able to swap 4 DOGE for 0.001948 ATOM for a 1% fee. If I had tried to sent the 4 DOGE to our wallet it would have cost 1 DOGE or 25%.

The End

I hope you found this post interesting and informative. I always enjoy doing the research and putting it all together.
Feel free to post comments, as a publisher all feedback is greatly appreciated.
Or a thumbs up if you enjoyed your read.
Stay Safe



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