Are BAT tips on Publish0x back? - An Open Discussion (Update May 01)

Are BAT tips on Publish0x back? - An Open Discussion (Update May 01)

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 29 Apr 2020

Since the introduction of the Loopring (LRC) token earnings, there have been a number of people lamenting the drying up of the BAT tips on Publish0x. 


It seemed that most of the tips were now in LRC with some DAI and the occasional BAT. It also appeared that even the amount of the BAT tips had also diminished.

I was one of the one's who was disappointed, even though it was expected that sooner or later the pool of Free BAT would dry up.

The Publish0X tipping pool comes from their sponsors. In the case of Basic Attention Token it comes out of the Brave User Growth Pool.

During the Basic Attention Token ICO there was 1.5 Billion token cap.

  • 1 billion were sold for $24 million ETH
  • 300 million were allocated to the Users Growth Pool
  • and 200 million put in the BAT Development Pool.

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BAT was the reason I came to Publish0x in the first place, when I first heard about it on the BAT Community Forum


The temptation of getting free BAT was just too great, I had to check this Publish0x out for myself. After a couple of days reading other peoples posts and tipping them accordingly. I thought "what the hell, I can do this too". That was back in February 2020, that seems such a longtime ago.

Back to the present....

Yesterday I notice that the frequency of BAT tips had started to increase from the 0-1 per day that had been the status for the last few weeks. Then today I noticed that one of the BAT tips was a large one, approximately 0.14 BAT shared between the publisher and myself. Which is roughly 4-5 times what the normal combined BAT tips are.

An Open Discussion

#1 Am I getting too excited? 

#2 Has anyone else noticed an increase in frequency and amounts of the BAT tips on Publish0x?

My Take

If I am not being a little bit premature, then my guess is Publish0x has been fortunate to get another stash of BAT for their tipping pool from the Brave User Growth Pool.

We will know more if the pattern continues for a few more days.

Feel free to post comments as other readers like to know your thoughts too. As a publisher I appreciate some one taking the time to post comments. It's a great way to learn new things.

Or even a thumbs up if you enjoyed your read.

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The Verdict is Out!!! (Update May 01)

Looks like ScreenTag could have been on the money.

I was getting too excited about a single data point.

A few days ago I noticed that one of the BAT tips was a large one, approximately 0.14 BAT shared between the publisher and myself. Which was roughly 4-5 times what the normal combined BAT tips had been since LRC tokens had been introduced to the Publish0x Tipping Pool.

I don't remember having received a larger than normal BAT tip since end of March when LRC token was introduced to the Publish0x Tipping Pool. But memory can be very unreliable, I prefer hard verifiable data.


Above is the data from two days of recording the total combined tips. Each day there was that large BAT tip again and each day there was 2 BAT tips out of the 7 tips allowed per day.

But when you look at the $$$ value of tips received for my posts since 25th April, it fits in with what ScreenTag said in comments that:

About 50% is still paid in LRC, 25% in BAT, and another 25% in DAI. What has changed is the overall tip value (dropped by 40% compared to end of March)

Looking at what the my 4 latest posts had received in tips in $$$.

  • LRC 49-56%,
  • DAI 22-31%
  • and BAT 19-28%. 

It corresponds nicely with ScreenTag figures. 

Well I think I can safely say that this has been my first Fake News post, based on flimsy and unverified data. But it was a bit of funn.





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