Another ZEC Cheque in the Mail from PipeFlare

Another ZEC Cheque in the Mail from PipeFlare

By Bragato18 | Bragato18 | 13 Nov 2020

I started this post on October 10th but didn't really get any further than the title and the gem of an idea to give an update and follow-up on a previous post that was published on August 6th. 

Get Your Free Zcash (ZEC) from PipeFlare

Got distracted by post-covid life, ramping up the side-hustles to replace pre-covid income streams, having holidays........crypto related activities got to take a back seat. 

So I promised myself I would try to publish at least 2 posts, while we are taking a few days to relax at Coral Bay, Western Australia. 

This is my make shift office. 



For those that are unfamiliar with the site PipeFlare. It started life as a clone of the Global Hive Fountain site which was a clone of the Horizen (ZEN) Faucet site. 

But the PipeFlare site has evolved and morphed more than their earlier cousins. In fact it could be argued the Global Hive Fountain and Horizen (ZEN) Faucet have started to copy some of PipeFlare's new features.

For example both Global Hive and Horizen have adopted the PipeFlare 4 tier referral program.

Originally PipeFlare rewarded you for each referral as below:


Then PipeFlare increased the referral bonus 10x and things got really interesting:


There is a minimum withdrawal of 0.0002 ZEC for the Referral Earnings. The payouts are every two weeks on the 1st and 15th of the month.

So every two weeks with out fail, I get a ZEC cheque in the mail. (For those unfamiliar with the phrase "cheque in the mail" , PipeFlare don't actually send me a ZEC cheque but the ZEC arrives in my wallet, it is just a play on words).

As you can see from the screenshot I have received 1.12651518 ZEC so far and can expect another 0.16885484 ZEC in a few days.

On top of the PipeFlare referral earnings, to date I have also earned from PipeFlare:

  • 0.02044470 ZEC
  • 0.60239654 PIVX
  • 5074 FLARE
  • 0.01083008 DASH
  • 2.48098908 DOGE

The PIVX was sent daily to Binance and used the Dust function to convert to BNB. PIVX has now been discontinued and replaced with DOGE, which also goes to Binance and is converted to BNB.

The DASH while was available was sent to our Exodus wallet for safe storage. It appears that it also has been discontinued.

The FLARE is the PipeFlare native token, it could be argued that is not really a token as we have come to know them in the Cryptoverse. As it is not on a  blockchain. There was talk initially of putting it on a blockchain and trying to get it listed on an exchange. Therefore creating a trade-able value. A great way to print money for PipeFlare. So just in case PipeFlare do pull it off (read "Exit Scam"), we are collecting daily the FLARE. 

My lovely wife also has a PipeFlare account but her earnings have to be funnelled through different wallet addresses. ZEC and DASH to Atomic Wallet. (I strongly do not recommend using Atomic Wallet, but that is another story for another day). And the PIVX will go to the PipeFlare recommended wallet and then to Binance. Once I get around to it. The DOGE will do the same one day.

Multipliers and Bonuses

Without the Social Media and Referral Multipliers you earn 0.00000300 to 0.00000500 ZEC plus the bonuses. (For the purposes of poetic licence, we will pretend this is a screenshoot from a friends phone).


My wife does not have any referrals so just gets the Social Media Multiplier. This currently earns her 0.00005800 to 0.00006200 ZEC plus the bonuses.

With both the Social Media and Referral Multipliers, I am currently earning per day 0.00009500 to 0.00012000 ZEC plus the bonuses. 


Yesterday I was able to claim Five For Five. I earned 0.00024700 ZEC for each spin. I also got a further 0.00024700 ZEC for the Bonus Spin. 


And there was the 0.00035903 ZEC for the 3.5X Bonus 2 days ago.



Games are not really my thing. But I do get a share of any earnings my referrals my earn. 


Community Member Monthly Giveaway


Complete some tasks 


and get entries in the Giveaway.


Monthly Referral

And there is more.

There is $650 in prizes up for grabs each month.


The leaderboard as it stands for November.


Apparently this was a suggestion by our very own @PVMihalache. PipeFlare regularly send emails asking for feedback, comments etc. Obviously they do listen and act. Brownie points for PipeFlare.

The End

I hope I covered all the bits and pieces that is PipeFlare today. But I am sure if I missed something you will let me know. To get the full picture how much PipeFlare has changed I do suggest you read the previous post. 



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