Bought our 1st pieces of BTC, July 2017. The process was daunting and confusing. Could easily given up & put it in the too hard basket or have fallen victim to one of the many scams or pitfalls. Grateful to a friend of my son's, who had been in this space for awhile, giving me some good advice & steering me in the right direction. That experience has helped shape my desire to share what I learn. Also always had a morbid fascination with Snake Oil Salesman & their sales pitch; Bitconnect, USI Tech..

Straya Day In The Pilbara

27 Jan 2024 5 minute read 6 comments B18

Down Under yesterday was Straya Day. I am working in the Pilbara, so I got to experience another Straya Day. Despite being at the very top of Western Australia, in a hostile environment where everything is trying to kill you. The locals determined to...

£10 in FREE bitcoin 🔥 For You And Your Normie

10 Aug 2022 1 minute read 10 comments B18

Yes you read it correctly. £10 in FREE bitcoin 🔥 for you and your Normie. But wait. There’s more! Included in this promo deal you both get FREE tickets to Silverstone on 16th October. Batteries are not included Whats The Catch? Bring a Normie to th...

Willie Wonka And His Chocolate Factory - Part Two

10 Jul 2022 6 minute read 10 comments B18

The first chocolate covered post in the Willie Wonka series gave readers just a taste of the historical background, main ingredients we use and some experimental taste bud sensations for chocolate lovers to try. Willie Wonka And His Chocolate Factory...

Willie Wonka And His Chocolate Factory - Part One

26 Jun 2022 5 minute read 12 comments B18

Chocolate is made for sharing. Was in the kitchen setting up the Chocolate Factory and decided to take some photos and share with all the chocolate minded people on @Publish0x. This is not my first chocolate coated post. Recipe For A Healthy Guilt F...

A Heroic Tale - A Big Day Of Rescues

26 Mar 2022 6 minute read 5 comments B18

Given what is happening in Europe. With the talk of heroes and Flags replacing Laser eyes on Twitter. I though it might be the time to retell this heroic tale. Scarboro SLSC I spend a lot of my time at the beach. In particular Scarborough Beach, Pert...

"More of Us" from Brevner

8 Jan 2022 1 minute read 10 comments B18

@picsandthoughts shared this on noise.cash and asked we spread the love and help this excellent music vid go viral.    "Freedom is a choice, and its available to all if we chose.But first things first, you gotta turn off the news" Great lyrics for...

Road Trip Through Decentraland, A P2P Journey In The Real World

11 Oct 2021 6 minute read 5 comments B18

Destination Exmouth,  gateway to World Heritage Jurassic Coast, coral reefs, crystal clear turquoise water, swimming with the big fishes, water sports...... We were preparing for our quarterly Road Trip. Gathering up the supplies to take with us, req...

Want To Belong To The Club1BCH Sooner?????

6 Feb 2021 3 minute read 15 comments B18

Are you only getting micropayments for your efforts? Does it seem like you will never achieve your goal of entering the Club1BCH? PipeFlare This is my latest referral payout.They are supposed to pay on 1st and 15th of every month, it was a few days...

Atomic Wallet And The AWC Token - The Emperor Has No Clothes

23 Jan 2021 6 minute read 14 comments B18

We can thank @MoreGainStrategies for the inspiration behind this post. In my latest post Atomic Wallet was mentioned as part of the Back Story. Bitcoin And UTXO Based Currencies - What I Learned Quickly realised that if I go into too much detail, At...

Bitcoin And UTXO Based Currencies - What I Learned

17 Jan 2021 5 minute read 15 comments B18

There has been a lot written in the last couple of months about the excessive ETH and BTC transaction fees. Never really gave it too much attention, as it didn't really affect us. Nothing needed to be sent urgently. For example, being charged $19 AUD...