Updates On The Projects I Have Been Following

Updates On The Projects I Have Been Following

By boyka | Boyka | 29 Mar 2020

In this post i will update some information on the projects i follow ( Sh*t Ticket, BuccaneerCoin, GhostToken, Proof of Nature, CoronaCoin), some of the developments are not very big so i will not make an individual post for every project. There are some noteworthy news so lets take a look into it.


Sh*t Ticket

The first toilet paper backed cryptocurrency developer has been very quiet in all the community channels, the only words i got from him was that he was focused on trying to get a better logo for the project and raising funds to get more toilet paper.

Some members of the community told me that they saw the lead developer breaking the quarantine and going to have lunch at Taco Bell several times  a week and that this could be the reason why the toilet paper stock is missing ( don´t get high on your own supply).




Status : Bathroom Break


Buccaneer Coin (PRIVATE)

This Erc20 token promised to be the first private token on the ethereum network, it make some good developments but because of some mistakes made by the team and a big community breakup the project reached an halt, Buccaneer Coin development is now on hold for at least 3 months while the developers are focused on a new project and plan to integrate PRIVATE on that same project.


Status : Walked the plank


Ghost Token (BOO)

Ghost was the rival project to Buccaneer Coin, the community planned to develop a better version of a private erc20 token. There were some accusations of theft and scams, the lead developer has not said a word in two weeks and seems to have ghosted the community,


Status: Scammed and Ghosted


Proof of Nature (PON)

The token backed by births and deaths is still alive and well, the team continues to distribute the tokens doing airdrops and bounties. They are also planning to expand the token and the community, they are creating some sort of eSport betting website that will use PON as the main currency. The trading volume is still very low and the token value is $0.00008319 per unit.




Status : Staying Alive



CoronaCoin (NCOV)


The project that documents COVID-19 deaths and infections is still very active and the number of wallets holding NCOV is rising everyday. The team is responding to any questions and helping people on discord and are still giving away their tokens for free to anyone who completes the bounties listed on their discord. They are also still donating money to the Red Cross.

The developers just released a gambling game and are now planning to release the CoronaToken Game. They are keeping it a bit secret but we will surely hear news from them very soon.




 NEW UPDATE : Lead Developer Exit Scammed (https://www.publish0x.com/boyka/coronacoin-breaking-news-lead-developer-exit-scammed-xkqmjr)

Status : Scammed and quarantined 



Final Toughs 

Despite some good initial developments some of these projects were deemed to not succeed, some because the project was clearly a meme others because the developers were not competent.

I will continue to follow every project, and will update you if anything big happens. I will also try to find new crazy and fun cryptocurrency coins. If you know any underground projects make sure to let me know in the comments.

I will now leave you the links to my previous posts about the projects i just updated.


Sh*it Ticket - https://www.publish0x.com/boyka/sit-ticket-first-toilet-paper-backed-cryptocurrency-xjpjow

BucannerCoin - https://www.publish0x.com/boyka/buccaneer-coin-private-the-future-of-privacy-xxxdrj

Ghost Token - https://www.publish0x.com/boyka/ghost-tokenboo-a-promise-of-privacy-in-the-ethereum-network-xndnyo

Proof of Nature - https://www.publish0x.com/boyka/proof-of-nature-token-pon-cryptocurrency-backed-by-births-an-xoeqvr

CoronaCoin - https://www.publish0x.com/boyka/coronacoin-a-token-that-documents-covid-19-deaths-and-infect-xrzrel


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