Ruletka V2 - The Craziest Erc20 Token Just Got Even Crazier

Ruletka V2 - The Craziest Erc20 Token Just Got Even Crazier

By boyka | Boyka | 29 Jul 2020

Many of you are already familiar with Ruletka (RTK), since i made my last article about the crazy Russian token there have been many developments, some may even sound like a work of fiction. I went on an under-covered mission to determine the veracity of the myths and the news surrounding this Erc20 token, my findings are actually unbelievable. Lets get started.

Disclaimer: Please do not continue to read if you are under the age of 18, graphic content ahead.

Development News

Russian developer Alena Valentina found out that some of the old RTK tokens had a small imperfection, so she decided to remove all the old Ruletka guns from the market, to do so she hired a very experienced developer called Amit (some say he is a very well known person but i can not confirm it). Amit made improvements to the Ruletka code and developed a new secret website ( ) where you can swap the old version for the new improved and crazier version, just go to the secret website click "Swap to V2" and follow the simple instructions.


Best photo i could take of Amit, it resembles me someone but i can not remember who

There are also a lot of more secrets i found out while exploring the secret website. On my under-covered mission i discovered that RTK is now trading on Uniswap and that there is a lot of games, giveaways and more being developed. I will risk everything giving you this information, but i think i must do it.

Token And Trading Information

Contract address - 0x1F6DEADcb526c4710Cf941872b86dcdfBbBD9211

You can see that the contract itself reads as IF 6 DEAD, i know for sure that this is a message from the KGB to remind us that if you roll a 6 during an RTK transaction, you are dead.

Total supply - 904,871 RTK

This amount will keep decreasing because of the burn mechanism that Ruletka transactions use.

Holders - There are currently 213 different members of the secret Ruletka society.

Lets move on to the important stuff! WHERE CAN YOU BUY RTK??

You can buy Ruletka and find all the information you need clicking on Using Uniswap you can't be shot, Amit the genius himself found some way to whitelist Uniswap. I will say it again because many people keep asking:

You can not get shot on Uniswap transactions

Use Cases

Gladly the boring trading and token information is done, i can go back to tell you my other discoveries.I found out that there are 2 new use cases:

Teaching math to Russian youngsters

That is right! Alena Valentina found out that her only son (Simon) had really bad grades at math, so she uses RTK burn mechanics to teach him and his friends the beauty of mathematics. Let me show you how:


From the information i could gather, the math grades of Russian teenagers stayed the same after the release of the new Ruletka token. I found this pretty strange, so i infiltrated the secret telegram,, and found out the real use case for this token. 

Game Dapps

Every transaction using RTK is already a game, but the team developed a game hub, , so you can play while you play while you play, playception it is.

I will start talking about the current Airdrop that is being played on the secret telegram channel. It is very simple, when the time comes you will be able to roll a dice, if you get the number 6 you will be granted 50 RTK. I was able to infiltrate this game, let me show you my experience:


As you can see, Amit gave the call to start to roll the dice, so i took my chance.


Using all my secret training i was able to roll a 6, some other fool also rolled a 6 but i was quicker.


Amit announced me as a winner, i gave him my address and he made the transaction. The worst part!? My transaction was at risk of being burned, so i used my secret skills and i am now the proud owner of 50 new RTK. You can join this game by simply joining the telegram channel and wait for Put....Amit to announce the start of the dice roll game.

There is still another game, i saved the best game for last:


Pot Shot is the first automated game developed on the Ruletka Token's 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism. There are 2 tiers on Pot Shot, the low tier and the high tier. To play the low tier send 25 RTK to this address 0xe0A1B2d94726E1a5fD6d6907a7fCC90826B73c87 (extra amounts over 25RTK won't give you more chances to win). The high tier follows the same pattern but you need to send 100 RTK. You can play the game on or on .

The rules are pretty simple:

  • You can send as many transactions as you want per round;
  • First transaction to get SHOT (burned / sent to 0x) WINS the round;
  • PRIZE for each round is divided so: 50% to the winner of the round, 40% to the jackpot prize and 10% to the game fund for gas and to up expenses;  
  • these % may change based on tweaks and improvements to the code;
  • If the Jackpot prize falls bellow x3 of the send 25RTK amount than the Jackpot will be automatically topped up by the bot

Well,it seems like if you want to win the prize you need to get shot!


What a shot that was!

Final Thoughts

This is still one of the funniest projects being developed, now with the added automated game it just got better. I think the spirit of the team remains the same, focused on creating new experimental ways to make transactions and games on the blockchain. They are still giving away free tokens on their telegram, so even if you dont plan to buy RTK you should join the community (if you can find the telegram link) for a chance to win some free tokens. There are plans to develop even more games so i think the future is bright for Ruletka!


Many celebrities are already talking about this project, i will finish this article by leaving you quotes from world wide renowned stars.

"We simply attempt to buy RTK when others are selling and never sell our RTK when others are buying." - Warren Buffett (Newbie Investor)

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in buying RTK every time we get shot." -Nelson Mandela (Blockchain Enthusiast)


"Spread RTK everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving with more RTK." -Mother Teresa (Maybe a Saint idk)






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