Ruletka V2 - Fun Experimental Token With No Real World Use Case (But There Is More)

Ruletka V2 - Fun Experimental Token With No Real World Use Case (But There Is More)

By boyka | Boyka | 24 Apr 2020

Rulettka (RTK) is a new experimental ERC20 token, it was developed in the small town of Alatyr in Russia. When a transaction is made using RTK a number is chosen between 1 and 6. If 6 is chosen, the coins in the transaction will be sent to the 0x address and burned, lowering the total supply. We can clearly see that this token is optimized to make large trades and transactions, who wouldn't want a 1 in 6 change of losing all his money?

The token creation and current use case is surrounded by crazy myths, lets take a look.


The legend tell us that this token was created by female developer Alena Valentina after two of her sons were killed playing Russian Roulette. Having only 1 more son, Valentina had to find a way to prevent him and all the other Russian teenagers from the dangers of that game, so, she used all of her technological knowledge to develop Ruletka. The Valentina version (V2) is an improved version of Rulettka V1 which was developed by her late husband; you can guess how he died right? Well, he drank 2 bottles of vodka and went on a ice diving expedition, he never came back.

To spread the word, the female developer and her last living son, Simon, are airdropping RTK tokens on a secret telegram channel,, all you need to do to get your hands on the blockchain version of Russian Roulette is to drop your ERC20 address on their channel and pray to Putin that you don´t get shot.


I apologize to all of you for the violent and graphic content shown in the image above, but i'm making a public service here.

There is also a large amount of rules that you must obey to be a member of such restrict and secret telegram group, i don´t have much time now, so, i will just show you a print screen (Warning: Wall of text incoming):


Hopefully you are not tired of all that reading, i still have to tell you about all the use cases of this token.

Use Cases


KGB Torture - KGB (supposedly) forces prisoners to convert all the funds in their bank accounts to RTK tokens, after that, they are also forced to transaction them between 2 wallets. With the fear of getting all their funds burned, many prisoners make quick confessions. KGB reported that this method is 64.37% more successful in obtaining a confession than waterboarding. 


                        Real image of a person being tortured by the KGB

Punishment between friends - Why fight with your friends? Why make them apologize? Rtk solves that problem, just make your friends use Rtk to make a transaction, they will ask you to punch them instead.

Have Fun With It - If you are new to crypto this is a good project to get more experience, simply join the team´s airdrop and have fun, learn to make transactions and if your airdrop gets shot you will at least feel the same as i did when i invested 3000 Euros in REQ.

Trading Information

The token currently has a value of $0.00 per unit, there are 66 Rouletka holders and the current total supply is 988,000 RTK. The top holders are Valentina, her son Simon and another team member that wants to remain anonymous, his name is Will and he was born and raised in West Philadelphia.


Ruletka is currently listed on the following exchanges:



Final Toughs 

Contrary to many crypto projects, Rulletka is not designed to steal your money and make the developers a quick buck. This is just a fun experiment with no ill intentions, you cant even buy this token on any exchange, they force you to get the tokens for free. I'm not sure what the future reserves for this project but you can ask them on the secret telegram channel (if you can find the link).


Many celebrities are already talking about this project, i will finish this article by leaving you quotes from world wide renowned stars.

"Russian roulette is not the same without a gun" - Lady Gaga (Singer) 

“When you play a game of Ruletka you win or you die” - Cersei Lannister (Real Person)

“A portfolio without RTK is like a body without a soul”Cicero (Roman Philosopher/Blockchain Enthusiast)


*If you follow me you probably received various notifications about this article, it was being flagged because of the confidential information i revealed. Publish0x sent an e-mail to KGB and everything is fine now.


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