Jeff Kirdeikis - Uptrennd Founder And TrustSwap CEO Answers Questions On Discord

Jeff Kirdeikis - Uptrennd Founder And TrustSwap CEO Answers Questions On Discord

By boyka | Boyka | 12 Jul 2020

Jeff Kirdeikis, Uptrennd founder just launched a new DeFi project Jeff is very active on the TrustSwap discord server, in this post i will show you a collection of the most interesting messages and answers he left for his community. Lets get straight into it.

First we will start with some of the more personal stuff Jeff told us. From now on we will have to refer to Jeff Kirdeikis as the Russell Crowe of marketing.


Someone asked if marketing courses would translate well into the real world of business, this is what Jeff had to say: 


Well, guess that is a -1 for marketing school.

Jeff later was asked if he was also a team member of Axion, he gave that one a straight NO.


But how big is that bag?


We know it is big, but not how big. Jeff also told us than he hangs around on /biz/, if you don't know what that is,well, lucky you (buy Chainlink).

As we all know, Jeff is the leader of many successful projects, surely the man can do no wrong right?rrrrright?


At least now i can fell a lot better about my 1000 dollar "investment" into REQ in 2018! 

Lets move into the project itself.

What is Swap?

Nothing better that hear what the CEO himself as to say about the project.


Seems like Swap is a very recent idea that Jeff and the team are quickly developing. To better understand the project i also recommend you to go to and give it a read.

They are working so quickly on it, that some small mistakes are bound to happen, some members were quick to point out a typo in the TrustSwap website.


I guess we all have done that, i am guilty of missing letters more that i like to admit.

On a more serious note, people were concerned how this new project would affect Uptrend and if Jeff could manage them both.


I guess he is a workaholic, unlike me.

Lets move on a bit, and see what the CEO of TrustSwap had to say about the launch of the Swap Token.

The Launch


Indeed Swap got a crazy launch, the trading volume was around 3 Million USDs on Uniswap alone. But not all went perfectly (not the team's fault), seems like a bot was able to buy a big amount of swap token minutes after the token was officially listed on Uniswap, and some community members were accusing the team of being behind the creation of said bot.


After denying having any connection to the bot creator the shift obviously had to turn to the marketing strategies behind swap.





Of course the beautiful mind of marketing would have a substantial amount of $ to market his project, the community was asked if there marketing for the Asian territory had already happened, Jeff had this to say:


He also made a quick poll to get a felling which Asian exchange his community would like swap to be listed, and guaranteed that if the winner was not the one he was planning it would also be listed.



Houbi won, so i guess we will see Swap being listed there very soon.

Twelve hours after the launch, Jeff Kirdeikis reflected about what happened during that time:



Obviously the launch was a success, but some members always want more and were quick to ask about more exchange listings (when Binance?)


There were also two third party staking Dapps launched for swap, none is official, but seems like Kirdeikis clearly has a favorite.


The similar DApp Jeff was referring in the post above is , but is officially endorsed by the TrustSwap members?


Totally not endorsing it, we get it.



Obviously every project as to deal with FUD and TrustSwap was no exception. After some tokens were moved from the team main wallet some members demanded explanations. 



Some more bullish members of the community didn't care about the FUD, and were saying that if everything on the roadmap is done, this token could easily be a Top 100 token.


Jeff was quick to agree and to guarantee that the road-map is to be fully completed.

Other members wanted to know when the mainnet launch would occur, for what it seems we will not have to wait a lot of time.


To finalize Jeff Kirdeikis left us some breadcrumbs, what could he possibly mean by this?



Final thoughts

I think is pretty cool that the CEO of TrustSwap and Founder of Uptrennd interacts frequently with his community. He left us some good personal life details and gave us some insight on the future of the poject.

I also think TustSwap is a really good project and that everyone should at least know about it. You can do that on , and you can also join the discord community by clicking on  so you can make your own questions to Jeff Kirdeikis.



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