Get Paid Doing What You Already Do For Free

Get Paid Doing What You Already Do For Free

By boyka | Boyka | 21 Mar 2020

Because of the pandemic you are probably staying at home and browsing the internet a lot more than you usually do, in this post i will show you some ways to do make easy money online, no faucets, just stuff you normally use like surfing the web and watching videos.


The first service i will talk about is:



Lbry aims to be an alternative to sites like Youtube, Instagram or Spotify. Because you don´t need to understand the protocols and technology behind library i will not talk about it. On a surface level, Lbry is a digtal library where you can find videos, music, eBooks, photographs and much more content. 

How to make money using LBRY?

You will be paid to use the website, watching or publishing content will get you paid in LBRY Credits (LBC), they are trading at $0.009, from my experience you can easily get 30 LBCs a day. They also have a referral program where you and the people you invite will earn 20 LBCs. To register you just need a valid e-mail, to be able to get rewards you need to simply verify it. So make sure to use :$/invite/@cryptoboyka:f  -> You get 20 Free LBCs.


Pre Search

Pre Search is a search engine, it pretends to be and alternative to google. 

How to make money using Pre Search?

You need to register in the pre search website, there is an extension you can add to your browser that makes it easier to use. After that you will be rewarded in PRE tokens for every search you make. PPE tokens are trading at $0.015 per token and by using the search engine you get 0.25-0.5 for every search you make, but you can only get a maximum of 8 Tokens per day. - > By using my referral you are not losing anything, you just help me get 25 Pre tokens.


Brave Browser

I´m pretty sure everyone using Publish0x already knows about Brave. Anyway, Brave is a browser with a great focus on privacy, blocks ads and trackers by default. From my experience, Brave is cleaner, more private and faster than the alternatives. 

How to make money using Brave?

You need to download Brave and enable Brave rewards ( a very simple process ), after that , you will get non targeted ads that will pay you 0,1 Bats to watch them (you don´t really need to). BAT is trading at $0.13 per token, the amount you earn depends on the amount of ads you watch and how many campaigns are active in your country ( you can see that here ). I earn about 0.5 BATs per day, but i think Brave is superior to Chrome, so even if i got 0 money using it i would still do it.

They also have a referral program, you can get around $5 per invite, so make sure to register using:




This are just some ways to earn some crypto without noticing it, i´m sure there are many more apps and sites that pay you to use them. If you are kind enough i would appreciate if you use my links, you lose nothing.Share in the comments other ways you use to make passive income using the internet.


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