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By Bounty0x | Bounty0x | 1 Mar 2019

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At Bounty0x, we believe in transparency and open communication with our community of hunters, hosts, and supporters.

As such, we provide a transparency report after key bounty campaigns, highlighting key metrics, token distribution, and special takeaways unique to each campaign. Any issues, delays, or confusions will be identified in this report.

Bounty participation stats

  • Submissions received: 6,666
  • Submissions approved: 5,293

Reward distribution stats

  • Total tokens deposited by Pigzbe: 2,073,530.00 WOLLO
  • Bounty0x 15% fee: 311,029.50 WOLLO
  • Total tokens sent to participants: 1,762,500.50 WOLLO

Known bounty issues

Due to a small error in the set-up of the bounty, the campaign received significantly more participants than were intended to.

Hence, there weren't enough tokens to pay the promised amount to all participants. To be as fair as possible, a "stakes" system was applied, which reduced each hunters reward by the same proportion.

This approach is not ideal, but it had to be done to guarantee a reward for every participant. Hunters that want to start an appeal for the Pigzbe bounty have until March 5th to open a support ticket at support@bounty0x.io

With that said, we want to say sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for using our platform. We really do appreciate every single one of you.


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