Menapay Transparency Report

Menapay Transparency Report

By Bounty0x | Bounty0x | 26 Mar 2019

Hello dear Bounty0x hunters,

Unfortunately, this is not a positive transparency report.

Although we dislike producing negative content, special conditions in the Menapay bounty forced us to prepare a detailed report to stay fully transparent with our community of hunters.

The problem

Menapay has decided to only reward 111 bounty participants, out of the 3,000+ that had an approved submission at their bounty on Bounty0x.

That's just 3% of all participants.


Right after the Menapay bounty ended, the host decided to add an additional rule:

"Only hunters that also download and review the Menapay app should get a reward"

This is against our Terms and Conditions, but Menapay insisted on moving forward and did not want to deposit tokens if this rule was not added after the bounty already ended.

So we sent a mass email to all Menapay participants to alert them of this change.

Understandably, most hunters could not take notice.

In what we consider an unfair move, Menapay decided that all hunters that didn't follow this last-minute rule won't be rewarded.

Our responsibility

We are aware that a part of the responsibility is ours, and we owe an apology to our users.

We do our best to filter out dishonest companies from the platform, but one always slips through eventually as in the case with Menapay.

To prevent issues like this in the future, we are actively asking hosts to deposit their tokens before the campaigns start into our escrow. Unfortuntately, that can be hard to enforce with ICO projects where the coin does not exist yet.

What now?

We have tried everything we could to convince Menapay to make a fair reward distribution.

Unfortunately, our efforts were in vain. 

Our last resort is this transparency report, where we hope that the affected hunters get in touch with Menapay to ask the start-up to reconsider its decision.

We recommend getting in touch with Menapay via Facebook, TwitterTelegram, or Bitcointalk.

Conversation with Menapay team member

For full transparency, below is a conversation of the Bounty0x Team with Ilker from Menapay about the situation.

In the conversation, the Menapay team member states that the reason why he won't deposit the tokens for all 3,000 hunters is that "he doesn't send tokens to dead people".









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