Bounty0x Distribution Report — Feb 14

Bounty0x Distribution Report — Feb 14

By Bounty0x | Bounty0x | 14 Feb 2019


A weekly report on the status of bounty reward distributions on Bounty0x.


Bounty Announcements


  • Laneaxis: The issues in the Laneaxis bounty have been corrected and their team has announced that they will be distributing missing tokens soon.
  • BetOnYourself: Project has been closed until the crypto market recovers.


Bounties Recently Distributed:


  • Distribution Date: February 10
  • Total Tokens Distributed:1,784,236 Laneaxis tokens


  • Distribution Date: February 8
  • Total Tokens Distributed: 77,125 Makeafolio tokens


New Tokens Recently Requested:

These are campaigns that we’ve completed the review for and have requested the tokens recently:

  • Enkronos
  • Pigzbe
  • Bitozz
  • Mindhunt
  • EthicHub


Bounties Where Distribution Is Delayed:

Tokens have been received from these hosts, however, they requested to not distribute them until later.

  • Attrace → Extended public sale (date unknown)
  • Alluma → After public sale (date unknown)
  • Tune → After public sale (date unknown)
  • Hilo → ~After public sale (date unknown)
  • Plentix → ~After public sale (date unknown)
  • BetOnYourself → After the crypto market recovers (date unknown)
  • ElementEstates → ~ After public sale (date unknown)
  • FanChain → Tokens will be locked until after ICO (date unknown)
  • Nobar → Switching to EOS network in the first quarter of 2019. Tokens will be distributed then as ERC20 tokens won’t be held on an exchange.
  • Quant Network → April 2019
  • Pigzbe → February, 2019
  • Meal Token → ICO is delayed until end of the year
  • Medicohealth → January 2019
  • Zeew → Host has not decided when they will pay out rewards
  • BeatzCoin → Will be distributed in about two weeks
  • DataBlockChain → Should receive tokens by end of November
  • QUANTA → No response from host yet


Campaigns Being Reviewed This Week:

These are the campaigns that we are currently reviewing:

  • MenaPay
  • Atomz


Failed Projects or Scams:

Below is a link to all the failed projects or scams that have came across our platform:

Scam or Dead Projects
This is the complete list of all the projects that have either been confirmed as scams, that are dead (all links are…


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