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Bounty0x Distribution Report — Apr 12

By Bounty0x | Bounty0x | 12 Apr 2019

A weekly report on the status of bounty reward distributions on Bounty0x.


Bounty Announcements

  • Pigzbe: After performing the 4th appeal distribution for Pigzbe, the project asked us to return the spare WLO tokens. We complied and now do not have WLO tokens to reward any potential new appeals coming in. If you have an appeal for the Pigzbe bounty, we recommend you to get in touch with 


New Tokens Recently Requested:

These are campaigns that we’ve completed the review for and have requested the tokens recently:

  • Universal Protocol
  • Quant Network
  • Bexam


Bounties Where Distribution Is Delayed:

Tokens have been received from these hosts, however, they requested to not distribute them until later.

  • Attrace → Extended public sale (date unknown)
  • Alluma → After public sale (date unknown)
  • Tune → After public sale (date unknown)
  • Hilo → ~After public sale (date unknown)
  • Plentix → ~After public sale (date unknown)
  • BetOnYourself → After the crypto market recovers (date unknown)
  • ElementEstates → ~ After public sale (date unknown)
  • FanChain → Tokens will be locked until after ICO (date unknown)
  • Nobar → Switching to EOS network in the first quarter of 2019. Tokens will be distributed then as ERC20 tokens won’t be held on an exchange.
  • Quant Network → April 2019
  • Meal Token → ICO is delayed until end of the year
  • Zeew → Host has not decided when they will pay out rewards
  • BeatzCoin → Will be distributed in about two weeks
  • DataBlockChain → Should receive tokens by end of November
  • QUANTA → No response from host yet
  • Placetorrent → No response from host yet

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