Bi-Weekly Bounty0x Update —June 5, 2019

Bi-Weekly Bounty0x Update —June 5, 2019

By Bounty0x | Bounty0x | 5 Jun 2019

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One month has already gone by since we started our fundraiser on Republic started and it feels like it was yesterday (in case you didn't know this yet, we are currently holding a $1M equity investment round on the Republic platform).

The past 2 weeks were highly productive at Bounty0x and this update aims to summarize some of our progress.

Let’s dive right in!


🏗 Product updates

Explore page


In an effort to increase time spent on site and the number of bounties completed by a Hunter per month, we completely re-built the landing page of our platform and re-named it to “Explore”.

Instead of just showing a list of the latest bounties sorted by the date they were posted, the “Explore” page now turns finding new bounties into an engaging discovery process.

Some of the sections of the “Explore” page include: Most popular bounty categories, featured Bounty Hosts, top bounties by category, and more.


Icons for Pre-funded and KYC required bounties


Some bounties have certain characteristics which make them more or less attractive for certain Hunters. 

Two of these characteristics are if the rewards in a bounty have been pre-funded and if a bounty requires identity verification (KYC).

In order to help our users identify these bounties easier, we implemented two simple icons that make these bounties visually stand out.


Help Center article series to increase the quality of submitted work


In an effort to increase the work quality submitted from our work, we started writing a series of articles on our Help Center aiming to show hunters how to do great work.

Some of the latest articles in this series include:

  • How to write a great article

  • How to make a great youtube video

  • How to create a great tweet

You can check out our help center at


Filter by available country


For regulatory reasons, some of the bounties on our platform are not available in certain jurisdictions. 

To make it easier for our hunters to filter these bounties out, users can now filter bounties by “available country” in the advanced search bar.


💰New clients

Here are 2 of the latest premium clients that we boarded to our platform:

  • Stellerro: View bounties here

  • Volentix: View bounties here


💬 Media and other announcements

  • Bounty0x was mentioned in an excellent piece titled “How cryptocurrency workers are creating a more open economy”.

Thank you for your amazing support and questions so far.

This journey has already been very exciting so far and we are just getting started.


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