Bi-Weekly Bounty0x Update — June 27, 2019

By Bounty0x | Bounty0x | 27 Jun 2019

The recent rebound of the cryptocurrency market has also seen some increase in our usage stats.

To be well positioned for the continued growth and adoption for cryptocurrencies, we have been very hard at work (as always) for the past 2 weeks.

This update aims to summarize some of that work that we have completed since the last company update.

NOTE: This update was originally posted on, where Bounty0x is currently holding a $1M equity investment round.

🏗 Product updates

Independent Email Service API for better deliverability and reliance.

We have noticed the burden of sending out 1000s of emails each via our main API was causing a bottleneck and decided to create an independent email-server micro-service to handle any outgoing emails.

Updated Twitter service for more accurate tracking via using timelines API on Twitter.

We noticed an issue with Twitter’s search API where it will “sample” tweets from our Bounty Hunters and this means it may not return specific tweets we’re tracking even though they’re there.

This is due to how Twitter itself handles the sampling of tweets. Thus, we changed to timelines to request all tweets from users timelines instead without any sampling and full-set of tweets.

JWT generation and validation changes to further tighten security around API.

We’ve adjusted the expiry times and added additional scopes to our JSON-Web Tokens. This will require users to sign in more often than before but allow better security via shorter living token time and scopes added.

Fixes to social monitor API for better tracking users for Telegram auto-approval/rejection bounties.

Telegram API will periodically fail if the Telegram account associated is either suspended, deleted or marked as “spam” on TG in general. Thus, API will check and react to these situations accordingly. It will also reject Bounty Hunters who have been reported as spam multiple times in multiple groups.

Fixes to host’s ability to flag and reject hunters submissions.

Hosts were previously able to only mark hunters profile and if a hunter got flagged three times independently then their account will be flagged. The behavior has been adjusted so that they’re still flagged but their submission also gets rejected and they get an email as a warning first two strikes.

💰Latest premium client

💬 Media and other announcements

To increase transparency with our users and community, we have started again doing weekly reward distribution reports.

Our reward distribution reports give key stats on the largest reward distributions that were recently completed.

Thanks for your amazing support so far! Look forward to more exciting news and updates soon.

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