Ways to protect your Identity Online

Here is a list of some ways to protect your identity online:

Use Strong Passwords

Most new users and those who don’t care will always just use a simple password like a sentimental name or numbers. That is not the way you should create your passwords. Compromising your password becomes easy when you do not use any special characters or numbers because hacking complex passwords made up of letters, numbers, and special characters are more difficult than hacking a simple name or numbers. Always try to use strong, complex passwords, as we mostly see some websites also keeps passwords criteria. These are not for them, they are for us so that our information stays safe. So always create a password consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Destroy Sensitive Information

Almost everyone uses the internet to get their work done and make online payments. Once the work is completed, destroy any information related to it. Never store the information for too long because hacking them becomes easy when you do not use this information and forget about it. The longer information is stored, the greater the risk of being hacked becomes. This information can be used in illegal ways too so always destroy sensitive information.

Change your Passwords Regularly

There are so many things that we share with people close to us, but never share your passwords with anyone because there is be a chance that someone from your close relationships can backstab you. Do not use the same password for different online services and change them regularly to prevent your accounts from being compromised.

Be alert when using Public Wi-Fi

Everyone prefers a fast public Wi-Fi because it is an easy way to save your data and do your work anywhere, but we can not deny the fact that open Wi-Fi hotspots are easy spaces for hackers to hack into your websites and social media profiles. Most Public Wi-Fi networks do not require authentication which makes it easier for a hacker to steal information easily and without your knowledge. Be careful when using just any public Wi-Fi network and keep the risks in mind.

Do not be Fooled

If you got a call from an unknown number, or an email from an unknown email address, saying you have "won a prize" and they only need some account information, passwords, or even an OTP, they are just trying to get personal information and distracting you with the so-called "prize" that you have won. Do not be fooled by these kinds of calls and emails, do not entertain them; just hang up immediately or block them, this can save you from getting your identity stolen online.

Brave Browser

Brave is a privacy-focused browser. It blocks irritating advertisements and trackers on websites to keep you safe on the internet. It also has its own cryptocurrency that they use to reward users for their attention for privacy-focused advertisements. Check it out by using my referral link, you will not be sorry!

These are just a few ways to protect your identity online. Know of any other ways? Drop them in the comments below!


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