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Exciting RollerCoin Updates

By bosluistepel | BosluisTepel_TidBits | 12 Aug 2020

Throughout the last couple of weeks, a few exciting things have happened over at RollerCoin, the real-world bitcoin mining simulator. Here is a quick summary of the changes and new things that have happened.

Inventory Feature

The Inventory feature is a game-changer that advances the whole simulator to the next level! This feature allows the Rollercoin team to take a step closer towards adding a free market to the simulator. This new feature is huge and requires a bit of attention from players, so go ahead and check out their blog where they have all the details and HOW TO's.

7 Bitcoins Mined

On the 7th of August 2020, a total of 7 bitcoins have been mined by Rollercoin players since their launch 2 years ago in 2018. 7 bitcoins mined  

A New Game is Coming!

Yesterday the Rollercoin posted an update on their Facebook Page showing us a teaser of a new game they're adding to increase your hashing power in the game. It seems to be a cross between a Super Mario side scroller game, instead, you move around on a skateboard and collect altcoin tokens to increase hashing power. The game will be called Crypto Surfer.

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