COIN App - Earn Crypto on the go
Coin app

COIN App - Earn Crypto on the go

By bosluistepel | BosluisTepel_TidBits | 18 Jun 2020

Hello and thank you for reading, I hope you make it to the end!

I'm surprised that no one has written an article regarding the COIN app on here yet, but here goes. Below is a quick start guide for you to follow to start earning some passive crypto. Let me know what you think in the comments, give it a tip and thumbs up if you would like a follow up article!

"COIN is an app made for anyone that is looking to get involved in the Crypto world. It enables you to collect digital assets that are dropped ("Geodropped") all around the globe. You can collect these tokens by pressing the handy pickaxe button, and you’ll reap more rewards when you have a sentinel with you while you travel."

Getting Started is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Step 1:

COIN is an app, so you can download it via both the iOS App Store, and the Google Play Store:

Download Now!

Step 2:

When you open the COIN app for the first time, you will see a login screen. You can go ahead and start to geomine without an account, but if you ever want to redeem or withdraw your mined digital assets, you will need to create an account.

Note: You can always make an account later, even if you decide at first to play without one.

Step 3:

To begin geo-mining COIN (the in-game digital asset), click on the pickaxe button at the bottom-middle of your screen. As long as the section you're on has not been geo-mined yet, you will see your Token counter at the top of the map increase every time you geo-mine a section.

If you did not earn Tokens, it may be because that section has already been geo-mined. You can see already geomined sections through the color difference on the map.

Note: COIN has added proof-of-work mini games to the app due to the current pandemic. Meaning you can complete the mini games to clear the section and mine it again - never having to move around to earn digital assets.

Step 4:

If the following three criteria are met, you can withdraw your digital assets and store them in an external ECR-20 wallet. You can also redeem these assets for physical items like caps, t-shirts, and consoles.

  • You need to have created a COIN account
  • The account should be at least 2 weeks old
  • You need to have geo-mined at least 10,000 Tokens to withdraw or redeem them.

There is a LOT more that you can do to earn additional Tokens in the app. Download it today and earn some passive crypto for doing what you do every day, travelling around!

By using my affiliate link to download the app, both of us will earn a small reward in-game which will be much appreciated: Get Started Now!

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