Mediconnect powered by Stratis 16.05.2019 + Airdrop

By Bogdanel | Bogdanel | 16 May 2019

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Stratis Platform is proud to host 3rd ICO on their platform. Being a BaaS platform Stratis aims to resolve a lot of problems from real life.

Now is Mediconnect time. All of this are possible because of DLT technology powered by Stratis Platform.


What is Mediconnect and what they are aim to do?


  • Mediconnect aims to resolve   the over-prescribing to patients of medication from multiple pharmacies , it will try to reduce addiction and also try to combat counterfeit of medications . So basically let's imagine that John has a drug addiction and he goes with same prescription to 4 different pharmacies and because they aren't connected each other , he can buy as many he wants. This won't happen with Mediconnect. Once that prescription hit and is into blockchain , no other pharmacy will give to John any drugs. Also Mediconnect will try with manufacturer to create special serial codes that will be registered into blockchain and that's how they will can track them and see what's happening. Doing this they can follow entire history of one product and prevent counterfeit .


  • ICO started on 20th February 2019 and it will end on 15 September 2019. There's going to be a maximum of 500.000.000 tokens ( MEDI ). If you want to find out more you can always join their discord channel


  • In the first quarter Mediconnect aims to start working with UK Meds and Tower Health & Pharmacy based in Nottingham,United Kingdom who covers almost 400.000 patients and if results of this "experiment" will be good , they are planning to add more pharmacies into blockchain and into Mediconnect(worldwide). Whitepaper can be downloaded from here


  • If you want to participate in ICO , you need to know that USA citizens aren't allowed to invest and you need to pass a KYC/AML procedure. Link for ICO here




  • At 16.05.2019 Contributions are : 





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