Un-hiding you

Human social world will allow you to be your perfectly honest self in one and only one case — if you are a perfectly fitting, non-threatening, normal member of the said social world and if your thoughts, feelings, behaviors don’t pose any hypothetical threat to the established order of things. “Be yourself” goes only as far as the true you fits in and makes no one wary of possible concequences.

And no, I am not talking about extreme things that would put others in direct and imminent danger. It’s all about little things, about being open enough to show them your curiosities, and fears, and flaws, suppressed desires, bad habits, unconventional questions.

No one really wants THOSE. No one wants them to the point where friendships and marriages fall apart, kids and parents lose each other, and whole social groups get ostrisized. Acceptances and understandings stop on the edges of personal comfort zones, but those are very much predictable, defined by the social environment, varied only to a certain extent. 

But if so... does it mean EVERYONE is hiding? 

Of course. 

And maybe that’s the main purpose of all this we call life — to go far enough and deep enough to UNHIDE yourself while navigating crazy, treacherous waters of man-made systems called “society” and “culture”. 



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Blues, booze, and a bit of metaphysics
Blues, booze, and a bit of metaphysics

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