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Playing catch

What does it take to start thinking hard and acting right, getting things done, using time more efficiently, takin care of yourself, helping others BEFORE it’s too late, before some disaster happens, before all the chances are gone?

We are playing catch with some things in the world where death is the constant hunter, but look at the carelessness with which we treat the most precious resources of our fragile lives on earth. For example, Time.  

There is no “later”, there is no “tomorrow”. Yes, theoretically and most likely physically there will be, but you can never be sure. Moments gone are gone forever. Carpe diem should sound great and right every waking moment and not just in films. Until you are God, you cannot go back in the linear setting of “time” and fix things that you screwed up in the past. Time is also a spatial thing, a “fabric”, fabric of time where linear isn’t a limitation, where all things happen at the same time and future can change the past no less than the other way around… But we aren’t there yet — most of us aren’t there, so talking philosophy and theories doesn’t mean shit, and why would it if it has no effect on what’s happening NOW. 

One thing that can be affected, controlled, used, perfected is here though. 

It is ME. My thoughts, actions, emotions. My body. My mind. The stuff I do, the things I choose to think and say. The words I type and whatever I decide to share with others. 

Sometimes I think it’s big enough IF I actually get myself to be conscious and mindful enough. It’s never really enough, but it can get better and better, even by a small fraction, even by like 0.00001 every day. 

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Blues, booze, and a bit of metaphysics
Blues, booze, and a bit of metaphysics

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