“I am bored” virus of the western world

Boredom is a privilege of an idle mind. It’s reserved to those of us who are spoiled by overconsumption of either chemicals or emotions to the point where everything becomes bland and numbed. It is birthed in the world oversaturated by sugar and cocaine, lifestyle coaching and pretentious yoga classes, endless talk shows and mmorpgs, fast lifestyles and thousands of personal belongings, breakable relationships, and life experiences lived through TV screens.

One might argue that the prevailing, mostly western, cool-sounding “bored as fuck” that teenagers love to put up on their social media is a sign that we are doing exceptionally well. After all, who can afford to be bored if not those with nothing to do, and who have nothing to do but those who have reached certain heights of social and financial success? Maybe being bored means that you aren’t struggling to survive, or maybe it means that you have already reached the peak of your mental and spiritual development so that nothing is of interest anymore (hello, corrupted Buddhism?).

I have to disagree.

I believe it means that this whole big show is designed to fool us into deteriorating states of mind where we will want to consume more and more of whatever it is that’s designed to “kill the time” while keeping us comfortably numb and in check.

When I hear 5-year-olds casually dropping the  “I am bored” phrase 20 times a day, the first thought in my head is “as a society, we are fucked.” Who the hell do they learn this from, and why do they chose to repeat?! Are our children being indoctrinated into feeling boredom with life from day one so that by 12-14 their only way to make sense of things is to gobble up Prozac or meth?

Think about it next time you hear the “I am bored” spoken by someone in the world of endless mystery and ave.

Who knows, maybe the feeling of boredom was designed to push human beings to seek new experiences and make discoveries, to learn. And maybe, just maybe, this constant over-saturation of human life with super-strong stimuli in the form of foods, entertainment, addictive substances, and stress-inducing experiences exists to surpass our natural interest in discovering and developing, growing and learning. When your mind and body is constantly overwhelmed and then tired and numbed by the same things that overwhelm it, is there any room for anything else? 



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