Leonicorn Swap: Offering advanced tools for better DeFi Experience

By Harsimran Kaur | Blogs | 30 Jun 2021

Leonicorn Swap is the best market platform with a massive community ahead of its public sale from June 25 to June 30. With features like NFT marketplace, Lottery, and IDO, it is the best platform to trade regardless of your experience. 

Its ecosystem has a lot to offer in the coming days. It currently boasts over 25k users on telegram and Twitter. The high focus on the Leonicorn Swap ecosystem helps its users to enhance their trading potentials. 

The ecosystem focuses on being one marketplace to offer a complete solution to all traders. Here are some of what to expect from the Leonicorn Swap ecosystem now and in the future. 

No-Risk Marketplace 

At Leonicorn Swap Exchange, traders are allowed to trade, offer liquidity for their projects and others, raise funds for the projects, buy or sell NFT without hassle. Every process is transparent with instant payouts making it very convenient for sellers. You will also avoid extra fees for foreign payments made during the transactions. 

The marketplace also has intelligent contracts for everyone transacting in the ecosystem. Intelligent contracts operate as digitally signed agreements that help to prevent fraud and also eliminate third-party interference. All contacts occur under a set of guidelines that all users agree to before transactions. After the conditions are met, the agreement is automatically eligible to continue. 

Transactions with Deflationary Tokens

Leonicorn Swap focuses on DeFI projects as their main token models. Deflationary tokens implement tokens that are removed from the market over time. There are burns executed according to various strategies as set by the projects following a transaction. 

The Leonicorn Swap ecosystem enjoys a 2% auto staking reward for all holders as yields and another 1% token burn for a single transaction. There is no more burning after 120M reach. Burning tokens don't destroy them but permanently prevents their usage in following projects and transactions. 

All burned tokens are placed in a unique public wallet and are available on the network. The deflationary tokens on this ecosystem offer huge advantages by increasing the values of tokens as their amount decreases in circulation. 

Raising Funds with IDO/IFO

Leonicorn Swap uses Initial DEX Offering/ Initial Farming Offering to raise funds for all real case projects. All these funds are extended to by LEO's tokens that help grow all projects with the token price in the ecosystem. 

IDO is effective since it offers liquidity to all crypto assets, fair trading, and fast to carry out a transaction with ease. It provides vast benefits since there is no need for a centralized exchange and permissions to start a fundraising event. Anyone can organize and take part in the IDO. 

Fast trading with IDO is the best way to carry out all sales instantly. Investors can buy tokens and resell them at high prices later during the IDO. Thus, it is a guarantee for higher sales for everyone in the ecosystem. 

IDO also offers immediate liquidity allowing the ability to buy or sell on the market. The project's token gets access to immediate liquidity, so, benefits the token price. 

Trade with a Decentralized Marketplace 

Leonicorn Swap offers a decentralized marketplace in the ecosystem. The marketplace is a neural network with advanced DeFI tools and products for sales. The marketplace features allow transaction data to be copied and spread across the network of computers. Every new transaction is updated in the network and reflects the changes. Also, information can be compromised in case of a hacker attack. 

Decentralized marketplaces allow instant transaction validation for all users. There is real-time checking and settlements of transactions. Also, everyone can view the content of the blockchain and get their copies. 

The decentralized marketplaces have no rules from the middleman since the owner and administrators don't set any conditions. The marketplace works on a peer-to-peer basis. It is hosted by the users and supported by the computing power in the network. 

The high levels of security in the decentralized marketplace in the Leonicorn Swap ecosystem make it the best way to keep safe while trading. All users in the ecosystem have a personal key pair to sign a transaction and anonymize their data. 

It is essential to follow all conversations on the Leonicorn Swap ecosystem. It is the best platform for everyone who wants to trade assets within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Follow the Leonicorn Swap in all the leaden social media accounts for more information.


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