My Poor Abandoned ETH

By Smaller | Blogging on the Blockchain | 24 Jun 2021


I am noticing that I am not seeing any tips in ETH anymore, just lots of AMPL and IFARM. Has Publish0x stop doing Etherium tips officially, or is it just some random series of events? 

If the Ether tipping is actually gone, what am I supposed to do with the smidgen of ETH I have here. I am holding a grand total of 18 cents worth, and if there is no more ETH forthcoming, I will never have anymore. It's below the withdrawal limit, so I am stuck. Any suggestions?

Yes, I know that I can live without that 18 cents, but it's more the principle.

Without new tips, that money is now sitting trapped and forlorn. I don't like sad ETH. 

I apologize if this isn't an appropriate topic for a post. I know it's not an "article" per se, but I did think it could spark a discussion about our tips, as well as ways of dealing with token dust. 

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