Up in the Air : Questions, of a Melancholy Heart

The game of life is really unpredictable, 
losing what is left alone and having what you really don't need.
It's hard to build a new world if your universe is suddenly rotten.
closing doors for the past, and no plan to reopen for the future.

But what if he gets back to you?
Do you even know that he will eventually leave you again? What if he could fight for you? what if not?
Do you still believe he will stand up for the both of you? But what if those reasons are worth it? But what if bitter and pain suddenly become sweet? But what if the only thing you ever wanted is achieved? But what If the happiness you've been waiting for has come,
but you are with someone else?

Do you just give up? Or will you wait?


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Sweet but Dangerous!

Blog 1: Just getting started
Blog 1: Just getting started

Well, I honestly do not know how to start a blog. If it's going to be about me? My crypto experiences? or just post something, about anything?. Nervous comes first. But on the second thought, readers may read, liker may like and haters may hate.

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