My strength is my only weakness
My weakness is my only strength

Bad people doesn't deserve to be happy,
No wonder why I am lonely

Does protecting your Love's a crime?
Then, I'm a criminal

Does too much Love can kill you?
No, but intense loneliness will do

If you see me smiling, do you see a happy me?
Yes, but you can't feel what's hurting me

If I die tonight, will you dare to revive me?
I guess not, cause you’re the one that's killing me

If depression attacks, do you think I’m crazy?
Yes, because that's what you saw when you look at me…
But you never tried to search deep inside me...


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Sweet but Dangerous!

Blog 1: Just getting started
Blog 1: Just getting started

Well, I honestly do not know how to start a blog. If it's going to be about me? My crypto experiences? or just post something, about anything?. Nervous comes first. But on the second thought, readers may read, liker may like and haters may hate.

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