Blade Reward Program Vs Brave Reward Program

Blade Reward Program Vs Brave Reward Program

By CryptoPk | Blockchaintech | 20 Jul 2020

Hello readers, I have come across a new crypto project which sounds similar to the Brave browser reward program. And its known as Blade Adblocker, and it is not a separate browser but two chrome extensions (one blocks the ads and enables us to earn rewards while others used to create a wallet with seeds and do KYC before the withdrawal of the ADB (Blade) tokens. 

Blade (ADB) is already listed on Kucoin and being traded there, you can check it's the current price on cryptomarket below:

The steps to joining Blade Reward Program is very simple, Let me tell you how

  • Install chrome extension from this link:
  • You will need to download a zipped file too from the above link, and instructions on how to install that extension into chrome will be mentioned on that page too. 
  • you will need to create a wallet on zipped file extension by backing up a keyword seed phrase. 
  • The wallet will be updated after 3 days as it's in beta launch now.

Its already listed on Kucoin for trading, And as you can also see below-average users can earn up to 1.50$ per day using Blade Chrome extension. 


You can also participate in their referral program through which they are giving away hundreds and thousands of ADB tokens for the users according to the users invited. 


Blade (ADB) is new blockchain-based chrome extension only while Brave (BAT) is based on a browser that is tremendously gaining community and tradable on many exchanges across the crypto market. However, Blade is new but he succeeded to gain his positions open in major Chinese exchange kucoin. 

I am always hunting the projects which can become legit

If you have any queries or issues while creating Blade wallet or installing chrome extension please feel free to ask me in the comment sections. Thanks



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